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Christian Blogger Reveals Why a Recent Secret Pact Between Iran and Turkey Spells Disaster for America

Contact: Ed Rodgers, 843 681-6256

HILTON HEAD, S.C., Dec. 21, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ed Rodgers, blogger and author of 8 books focusing on America's relationships with Israel and Islam (www.edrodgers.net), reveals a secret pact between Iran and Turkey with serious implications for the security of the United States. The pact unites the two most powerful Middle-East players as well as the two main factions of Islam with a common goal of reestablishing the Caliphate (worldwide leader over all Islam) to its former power and glory.

In his latest blog, Rodgers relates what his Middle-East sources have uncovered regarding the most significant and under-reported development in recent months. According to the pact, Iran recognizes Turkey as the leaders of Sunni Islam (in the Middle-East, while Turkey recognizes Iran as the corresponding Shiite leader. Since the ultimate goal of the pact is the reinstatement of the office of "Caliph," Rodgers focuses on the implications of such a move -- only a sitting (reigning) Caliph has the power to declare a full blown worldwide jihad. Should one come to power, all the rules would change. Moderate Muslims would be forced off the fence. The blog explains the dilemma this pact creates for other Middle-East Muslim countries that, in reality, fear Iran far more than Israel.

You can read the entire blog at here. Ed can be reached at (843) 681-6256 or at edauthor@roadrunner.com.