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What is the Greatest Threat to Families Today?
Cardinal Robert Sarah encourages married couples, reveals most urgent threats to families

Carmel Communications
Jan. 4, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Cardinal Robert Sarah, author of the highly regarded books God or Nothing and The Power of Silence, pulls no punches in his condemnation of the presence of evil in today's world in his new book, COUPLES, AWAKEN YOUR LOVE! He also encourages spouses to awaken their love for each other, no matter how hidden it may be.

With his typical luminous and profound insight, Cardinal Sarah leads couples through a journey of forgiveness and healing within their own marriages as well as recognition of the greatest threats facing the family today, namely abortion, gender ideology and "counterfeit marriages." The man many people once believed had a good shot at becoming pope delves deep into the self-sacrificial love that is the basis for marriage and family in COUPLES, AWAKEN YOUR LOVE! and helps spouses rediscover the deep source of their love — God Himself — and the means for letting love between them grow.

COUPLES, AWAKEN YOUR LOVE! is a compilation of short presentations given on a marriage retreat in Lourdes, France, and speaks to all couples but especially to spouses who are struggling and in need of a path of renewal together. Cardinal Sarah seamlessly moves between finding that precious love between couples that may have been lost and the current threats that present themselves to families across the world.

We are all, without exception, called to joy, and Christ alone can give it to us, writes Cardinal Sarah in COUPLES, AWAKEN YOUR LOVE! He works through His Church, through the sacraments and through His saints — especially Mary, the Mother of God, who heals couples.

"It's clear that in the sporting match of the culture wars, our side has been taking a beating lately," said Kendra Tierney, author of The Catholic All Year Compendium and The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion. "His Eminence Cardinal Sarah is here to give us the fourth-quarter pep talk and game plan we need. This little book lays out a beautiful strategy of how married couples can work together to strengthen our bonds of sacrificial love and fight against a culture of death."

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