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'When God Happens' -- New Book Shares Modern Day Miracles
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WASHINGTON, June 4, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Many Christians wonder: Does God still perform miracles? To answer that question, bestselling Christian authors Angela Hunt and Bill Myers searched for people who have experienced a miracle firsthand--ordinary men and women who have witnessed a moment of divine intervention when the hand of God was briefly revealed.
The stories they discovered stunned them.
In When God Happens: True Stories of Modern Day Miracles, Hunt and Myers present eight astounding, untold stories from real people who have experienced miracles, including:
• A couple who witnessed angels at a fiery car crash
• A woman visited by angels after a terrorist attack
• A man who was told his baby would be stillborn--but instead had a healthy daughter
• A teenage girl rescued from a satanic priest
• A woman who encountered the warmth of God after a heart-breaking divorce
• A man healed on his deathbed
• A believer who exorcized a psychic possessed by demons
When God Happens reminds us that there are no laws of physics or science a loving God must follow to express his love. As Hunt and Myers write in their introduction, "The God who reached down to touch those He loved in Bible days has not changed. He has not turned His back on us or left us to our own devices. As Scripture states, '[He] is the same yesterday, today, and forever.'"
Early praise for: When God Happens
"True Stories like these require those who don't believe in angels, or the God who sends them, to explain the unexplainable. A related question: who wants a God one can explain?"
--Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist
"Reading When God Happens is like receiving an intravenous dose of hope in a world parched by hopelessness. It will remind you not just to hope for miracles but to expect them."
--Melanie Henry, Guideposts magazine writer and author of fifty-four books
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