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Jerry Falwell Jr. Urges Conservatives to Vote Out 'Fake Republicans'

Contact: Bob Darling, 262-222-5406

GRAFTON, Wis., Oct. 27, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- In an interview with Breitbart News, Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University President, attempted to coin the term "Fake Republicans" by urging conservatives to vote out Liberal Republicans that are actually Democrats in Republican clothing. A Facebook page called "Fake Republicans" was created in July of 2017 that collects and retains news articles of Republican Politicians that have gone against President Trump's agenda and the will of the people expressed in the last election (www.facebook.com/FakeRepublicans/).

Jerry Falwell is not the first to call on Americans to reject the leadership of politicians that say one thing to the voter and then vote along a liberal and globalist establishment party line. Another best-selling Christian Author, Ken Mentell, has sent free copies of his best-selling "Restoring Truth" series to critical Trump Administration officials.

Ken Mentell, the author of "The Elijah Calling" and "Elijah vs. Antichrist" has been at the top of Amazon's Best Seller for "Prophecies" list since 2014 and advocates a change of direction for the country in line with Biblical Christianity, compelling conservatives to stop being ashamed of the gospel and inspiring them to speak out against Fake Conservatives and Fake Republicans. When asked why he sent the books to the Trump Administration he stated, "This is a last chance for America to repent and to return to the God of the Bible...it's not too late. The best way to move the nation to repent is through its leaders."

Ken Mentell recently challenged the Israeli Sanhedrin over their ruling of not allowing Jewish Rabbis to perform Messianic Jewish Weddings. Ken Mentell stated, "By the Sanhedrin refusing to allow Rabbis to conduct Messianic Jewish weddings they have also removed Jewish believers in Jesus from having their children circumcised by Rabbis and also refusing Messianic Jews to be buried in a Jewish Cemetery. The one judgment on marriage leads to the following consequential actions on circumcision and burial. It essentially means that Jewish believers in Christ are not Jews, will not be treated as Jews, circumcised as Jews, or buried as Jews. It cuts them off from their own people at the most basic level as defined by the Torah."

Both Ken Mentell and Jerry Falwell Jr. are advocating for Christians to stand up, speak up, and act as Biblical Christians.