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50,000,000 Abortions but National Right to Life Committee Lawyer Jim Bopp Says Now Not Yet the Time to Try to Ban Murder of all Innocent Unborn Babies
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MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recovering Republican John Lofton, Editor of TheAmericanView.com and co-host of "The American View" radio show with the Constitution Party's 2004 Presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka, has issued the following statement:

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. -- Mark 9:23

Jim Bopp's reprehensible, Godless, faithless statement (Associated Press, 12/6/07) that, "We don't think it is yet time to pursue efforts to prohibit abortion" – meaning all abortions -- is truly appalling since God says ALL murder is wrong and all abortions are murder. In this same AP story, Bopp says, erroneously: "If a law prohibits abortion in any way, it's contrary to Roe v. Wade." But, so what? Roe v. Wade is not law. And it's not law because it contradicts God's Law against murder. It's not law because courts don't make law. Thus, Roe does not need to be "overturned, as Bopp has said." It needs to be ignored!

Defending his failed strategy of compromise, his majoring in minors by seeking to merely regulate murder-by-abortion not abolish it, Bopp says: "The lessons of history, such as William Wilberforce's efforts to end slavery, teach that we must do what we can until the day when we can do more, and doing the lesser implies no capitulation on the greater."

But, this is a lie. Unlike Bopp, Wilberforce was no compromiser, no incrementalist. His anti-slavery campaign sought to ABOLISH the African slave trade and NOT to regulate it. In fact, the culmination of Wilberforce's work, which became law on March 25, 1807, was titled "An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade."

Unlike Bopp, Wilberforce never fought for any measure which said – after this measure was complied with – then you can trade an African slave. Wilberforce never suggested legislation to merely improve conditions on the slave ships. He never suggested any legislation which said before you can trade or own a slave you must be shown a photo of an African to see that Africans are human. NO, NO, he did none of this. Wilberforce fought unceasingly to ABOLISH slavery. And abortion is much worse than slavery because every abortion is MURDER! If Wilberforce had been – God forbid, and He did – a Jim Bopp the African slave trade would still be LEGAL!

About one thing Bopp is correct. He says, disapprovingly, that those of us who believe all abortions should be banned -- and God's Law already bans them -- have "an absolutist view." Well, yes! Amen! We are absolutely opposed to the murder-by-abortion of ALL unborn babies.

For more on this subject, please listen to "The American View" radio show 139 at
http://www.iotconline.com/aview/aview%20200801119.mp3.  See our web site TheAmericanView.com for the text of a Bopp strategy memo and an exclusive interview with Bopp which demonstrates, with a vengeance, that he is a man void of understanding when it comes to the pro-life issue.

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