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A Bronze Age Vessel of Purification Reveals the Signature of Moses

Contact: Rabbi Ben-Hayil Yellen, 760-297-4154, www.eliyahuarrival.com


ESCONDIDO, Calif., April 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- THE VESSEL OF PURIFICATION is believed to have been associated with the Prophet Moses over 3,300 years ago. Researchers have identified upon the Bronze Age Art-scroll artistic montage distinctive Paleo-Hebrew writing including the signature of its artist that elaborately signed, yet clearly spelled out his name, 'MoSHeH.'


The investigation of a Hebrew artifact holds great significance to Muslims, Christians and Jewish people. The copyrighted artifact and its illustrations are available. The certified laboratory data collaborates with the ancient sacrificial system of ceremonially clean animals as well as healing plants used within the ancient Hebrew sanctuary.


The stories of the patriarchs regarding the children of Abraham are described from each segment of the Master artist's brilliant brush strokes. The montage 'to go up the mount' suddenly takes on new meaning as the story line's panoramic scenes include a 360° view of Mount Sinai and Horeb peaks. The skies are illustrated with white clouds along with the rainfall. An important ancient Hebrew understanding is that art depicting rain means proper Heaven-sent instruction. The illustrations upon the stone vessel include constellations that depict Holy Scriptural principles. The overall style is fashioned to be a Kingly design of flax reeds forming a crown of sacred Hebrew Menorahs. The Genesis story of the shepherded Stone of Israel is exactly what the prophets have written.


The ancient stone vessel's encoded message is a song with a healing message within a loving declaration to the Creator spelled 'HaShem.' The musical notes spell out the Song of Moses in its images of rainfall and accompaniment of lightning. The prophetic message declares hope for the faithful Hebrews while the climatic final message upon the vessel concludes in a spiritual warning to the harlot of Edom that her idolatrous images have 'toes to be stepped on' with a declared ending. The message answers the millennial questions as to 'what will happen in the end of days?' Encoded within the Artscroll are layers of the patriarch Jacob's prophecies for each son as told in Genesis. The dream of the sheaves bowing towards Joseph's sheaves is illustrated with 'Yoseph' spelled out upright and the brothers sheaves are bent letters. Middle-east authorities have been notified of this vessel. Readers are invited to investigate the scientific and scholarly reports and find answers to their questions.