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Sports Minister Steve McConkey Opposes the U.S. Olympic Committee's New Homosexual Policy

Contact: Steve McConkey, 608-469-7956

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 24, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Steve McConkey, President of 4 WINDS, a world-class track and field ministry, opposes the United States Olympic Committee's decision to add homosexuality to its anti-discrimination policy.

The Olympics will be in Russia in the winter of 2014. The USOC added homosexuality to its anti-discrimination policies ahead of the Olympic Games in Russia. Russia has strict laws against homosexuals.

Steve McConkey believes it is wrong that gays are targeted in countries like Russia. However, he believes that sexual orientation policies should not be supported by the Olympic movement.

"Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. So does that means that Christians are discriminators? Also, do we add other sin categories to the Olympic charter?," says McConkey. "What about a scenario where a Christian clothing manufacturer or business chooses to not support gay events or athletes? Or how about sports ministries that provide international trips? Will they now have to include gay athletes? Will sports ministries have to have gays in leadership positions?"

Already, bakeries, photographers, and others are being taken to court for refusing to serve at gay weddings.

"The policies are set-up for discrimination against gay athletes, but there could be reverse discrimination in the future. It is a matter of time when Christians that believe homosexuality is a sin will go against the law of the land," says McConkey. "The Olympic movement shadows what is happening in the real world."

In 2003, Steve took a stand against transgenders being allowed in the Olympic Games to no avail. He lodged complaints to the U.S. Olympic headquarters in Colorado Springs. Also, he contacted all International Olympic Committee members from the United States at that time.

Steve McConkey is the President of 4 WINDS, a world-class track and field ministry. Steve and his wife Liz have been in world-class track and field ministries since 1981. They have lived in Eugene, Fort Worth, Minneapolis, and now Madison. Steve has a Masters of Public Health degree from Western Kentucky University. He became a Christian in 1976. Steve operates BigPlanetWatch.com and TrackandFieldReport.com. TrackandFieldReport.com is supported by 4 WINDS.