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The Unexpected Shift in Educating the Next Generation of Catholics
Contact: Matthew Plese, 651-230-7785

CHICAGO, Nov. 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- In 2009, the U.S. Department of Education published a meta-analysis of evidence-based studies of K-12 and post secondary online learning programs. The study reported that "students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction." We have reason to believe that children in religious education will also perform better.

Founded in 2004, CatechismClass.com has been at the forefront of making the best online religious education courses available to Catholics for over a decade. As the world changes, the Church can use new resources to spread the same, changeless Catholic Faith.

CatechismClass's programs have eliminated the common excuse that children can't be expected to miss sports or extracurricular activities for religious education. And it also makes it possible for children with disabilities (mental or physical) to learn at their own pace.

CatechismClass's Adult Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation courses are usually used by adults who meet once a week to go over materials. A teacher (lay or ordained) teaches from printed copies of the materials and students talk about them and learn. They can then go home and have access to the exact same materials to read through again. And they can then do their activity and quiz. Some students also learn exclusively online due to shortages of teachers and volunteers.

CatechismClass staff have found through their surveys and studies that students are learning more this way than using paper textbooks or meeting without any textbooks at all. Many programs are lacking in outside-the-classroom learning and in outside-the-classroom activities. The CatechismClass program is meant to eliminate that.

On the flip side, their programs do allow for students to work independently of the classroom when teachers are not available, when schedules do not allow for in-person learning, and when personal circumstances make it necessary. The programs are flexible and are meant to solve each unique parish and family situation. They provide over 5,000 godparent preparation classes virtually each year.

Above all, CatechismClass.com programs are meant to make the Catholic Faith more available to all. The organization's mission is to spread the Faith to as many souls as possible, to bring about conversions, to better educate our Catholic teachers and even priests, and to bring about more frequent and fervent reception of the Sacraments.