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What God Can Do With Ordinary People

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., October 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Pastor With a Purpose might well be the title of the author of the new book "Tuesday Faces." This active pastor serving a very large congregation has a pertinent message to convey to his readers: God works through human beings.

Chapters deal with various characters from the Bible, warts and all. Pastor Hazelton carefully chose biblical personalities to highlight in his book. Once chosen, he did extensive research on each character so that he feels he knows these people well, inside and out.

Hazelton chronicles how God worked through the human agency of these imperfect people His goal in writing was to incarnate the gospel and the promise of grace through the lives and humanity of the ones chosen to be featured. The author's intention is that readers will identify with the humanity of biblical characters. He aims that readers will discover ways in which these biblical individuals act as a mirror to the effect that readers may recognize themselves in these personalities.

These biblical characterizations show the author's "take" on who these people really are and the magnificence of lives lived with strengths, weaknesses, and failures as well. His aim is that the book will inspire everyone who reads it with a renewed understanding that God works through those whose halos have been tattered and whose holiness has been tarnished. By seeing vividly portrayed how God has reached out in love and used fallible people, readers will gain confidence that God wants to use them, too. Hazelton wants his readers, like their biblical prototypes, to be agents of God's grace in a world that needs examples of what God can do with ordinary people. He shows through his chapters that ordinary people, empowered by God, can do extraordinary things to further God's kingdom on earth.

Along with his writing, the author has created an artistic illustration of each biblical character. Using the art form of pointillism for his personal sketches, he dramatizes with both words and hand-crafted art those he features for the benefit of his readers.

Author Philip Hazelton, a pastor for forty years, has an intense passion to minister to people. He currently serves as the pastor of a large congregation, the Worthington Presbyterian Church, in Worthington, Ohio.

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