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Landmark Book Shows a Christian Way Out of Same-Sex Bondage
Contact: Vincent R. DiFiore,
Mercy Triumphs, Inc.,

NEW YORK, May 22, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mercy Triumphs, Inc., announced today the availability of the book, Mercy Triumphs over Judgment -- a long-awaited publication that explains methodically how to apply Biblical truth to set people free from the sin/addiction of same- sex attraction and practice.

The book's author, Joanne Highley, distills almost 40 years of successful counseling experience on how same-sex attraction and practices can be faced, confessed as sin, forgiven and cleansed by God through the blood of His Son, Jesus, and worked through to freedom of mind, will and emotions.

Mrs. Highley has counseled thousands of men and women wanting to break the emotional bondage of same-sex attraction and practice. Her counseling approach involves helping counselees identify the initial causes that have led to sexual bondage, counselees' involuntary reactions to the pain of abuse, family dysfunction and personal rejection, and the voluntary acceptance of ungodly sexual behavior to cover the pain of the past. The resulting sexual bondage is marked by idolatry, deception, unreality and evil desires.

Subtitled A Christian Way Out of Homosexuality and Other Emotional Bondage, the 400-plus page book defines homosexuality and shows "The Way to Freedom." Chapters include "The Spiritual Work," "Working Through Buried Emotions," "Untwisting Warped Thoughts," "Casting Out the False Identity," and breaking lies of "A False Concept of God." Stirringly precise and explicit, yet richly pastoral and scripturally informed, Mercy Triumphs over Judgment is a virtual handbook for those caught in emotional and sexual bondage. With it, they can do the personal and glorious work that leads to total freedom and new life in Christ.

According to Dr. Paul de Vries, president of New York Divinity School and past board member of the National Association of Evangelicals, Mercy Triumphs over Judgment provides "deep wisdom and guidance for the lives hurt by sexual abuse and challenged by same-sex attraction. This wonderful book ministers to readers through the uplifting and transforming teachings of the Scriptures and the Spirit." He continues, "It is also a refreshing escape from the too politically charged and often judgmental language coming from many sides of the current 'homosexual debates.'"

Dr. de Vries is among numerous pastors, church and ministry leaders, and Christian authors who, having read Mrs. Highley's book in manuscript, enthusiastically endorse and heartily recommend the book for those grappling with issues of their sexual identity, as well as for those who love and minister to them.

The hardcover Mercy Triumphs over Judgment – A Christian Way Out of Homosexuality and Other Emotional Bondage is now available for $28.99, plus a small shipping cost, through Amazon.com.