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How to Soothe Your Soul During the Winter Blues
Contact: Rev. Margaret Vredeveld, 989-240-4260

PINCKNEY, Mich., Feb. 13, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- This has been one of the roughest winters on the books. The record low temperatures and snow amounts this winter are impacting almost everyone in the U.S. Although there are some happy fans of a deep winter, for everyone else, it is not so great. In the U.S., approximately 14% of the population experiences the winter blues (Source: Psychiatry (Edgmont)). This is one of the most depressed times of the year and adding the extra cold and snow does not help.

The blues can also be brought on or aggravated by boredom, hard times, grief, losses or just plain negativity. It can be a trying time and meditation can provide comfort.

While some Christians view meditation as controversial, God's Word encourages us to meditate. In Psalms, there are 10 specific references to meditation. It is a great tool to connect with God and use God's comfort to soothe your soul.

Author Rev. Margaret Vredeveld learned the power of meditation as she grieved for her 28 year old daughter whom she lost to ovarian cancer. In dealing with this pain, she soon came to realize that she had come to a better understanding of difficult times her parishioners faced.

In Soothe Your Soul, Vredeveld shares a host of meditations to help people navigate some of life's most painful moments. Based on her personal life experiences and complemented with Scripture readings and songs, the meditations address a variety of topics, including conflict, confusion, gossip, hostility, self-doubt, anger, depression, and the death of a loved one.

Filled with words to calm the spirit and uplift the heart, Soothe Your Soul offers reflections and teachings to guide people through some of life's most trying times and experiences.

Interviews available on request. Interview topic suggestions are available at soothingmeditations.com/pressmedia.html. Review copies and author interviews are available on request.