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Church Communication Tool Takes Ministry to a New Level

Contact: Audra Jennings, 800-927-0517 x104


DALLAS, Aug. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Administration is a fact of life, a frustrating truth for pastors juggling prayer time, sermon preparation, counseling and discipleship. The daily administrative hassles related to keeping a congregation informed can become an intrusion on the time that could be spent pursuing ministry opportunities. But it doesn't have to be that way. Imagine never sending another mass email again to communicate about service opportunities, prayer needs within the church family, or other announcements. Imagine a place where individual members of a congregation could organize a Bible study or local ministry opportunity and communicate that information to others who are interested in serving. Imagine Unifyer.


Unifyer is the latest innovation from Pursuant, a Dallas-based company that serves non-profits, educational institutions, and ministries—organizations whose budgetary constraints tend to diminish their attractiveness to other technology providers. Pursuant CEO Matt Frazier states, "For too long, non-profits and ministries have been stuck with outdated software instead of technology applied specifically to their needs. People don't need more software. They need service and solutions."


Unifyer is not a website, database or just another online community. Instead, Unifyer is a powerful web-based tool that allows pastors to deliver important information to church members with the click of a button. It's also a place where individual church ministries can communicate with their participants and with each other, all without requiring the pastor's involvement.


When individual church members open Unifyer on their computers, they can customize their experience to include the ministries that capture their interest. Church members can read news feeds for each individual ministry, post comments and blog entries, and even post video. There is also an area reserved for major announcements that pastors want the entire church to see. Incorporating this technology into the church culture is a great way to engage the younger generations who have come to depend on social networking sites as a means through which to build their communities. Though Unifyer gives individual members the chance to express themselves, pastors and other designated administrators still retain some measure of control. Any content flagged as inappropriate can be quickly deleted.


Unifyer is the ideal tool for the dynamic church seeking to foster a vibrant community where every member feels valued, connected, and motivated to serve.


To experience Unifyer, visit www.unifyer.com.