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New Christian Shopping Channel Could Rival QVC by Creating an Alternative for Millions of Christian Shoppers

Contact: Pastor David Wright, DoersTV.com, 301-452-9007

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- With millions of people professing to be Christians, the new Christian Shopping Channel (CSC), filming out of Orlando, Florida, could be the next giant in the home shopping retail industry. CSC, currently broadcasting exclusively at DoersTV.com on channel 9, is poised to change the industry by offering Christians a shopping network that emphasizes Christian inventors and family oriented products.

After being turned downed by QVC, for what they called being "to controversial for the Brand" and not wanting to be associated with a Christian television network; founder of CSC and DoersTV.com, Pastor David Wright, persevered to launch CSC in spite of being crushed, in his words, by QVC. "I was crushed and devastated by the news but I also knew there was a massive market for the vision the Lord had given me", Pastor Wright said recently. "I believed if we could, some how, get the show produced; millions of Christians every where would eventually flock to it."

DoersTV.com partnered with a nonprofit organization of Christian filmmakers called My Christian Films (MCF) to produce CSC. "When we were presented with the opportunity to produce CSC, I knew we had something very special and unique. I believe CSC and DoersTV.com is a door the Lord has opened for us," Marty Jean-Louis, founder of MCF, said recently. "I believe CSC will be the Christian QVC."

CSC may have the same look and feel of a typical home shopping channel, but their business model is totally different. They have eliminated the expensive cost barrier that prevents most inventors from selling their products on shopping channels such as QVC and HSN. There is no lower wholesale price per unit, sales per minute, warehouse inventory, take backs on unsold inventory, or return requirements for inventors. This is ground breaking for a home shopping channel and great for the aspiring product inventor.

With a unique mandate, for a Christian television network, to not solicit money from its viewing audience; CSC is a fundraising vehicle to keep DoersTV.com operating as a free internet TV network. With the home shopping industry generating billions in sales revenue yearly, CSC should be a very profitable fundraising strategy for DoersTV.com and a great alternative for millions of Christian shoppers.

DoersTV.com is a free online Christian TV Network with a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with programs emphasizing family values for communities and Christians worldwide.