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What Jewish, Catholic and Evangelical Leaders are Saying About the New Pro-life Book: Personhood the Tree of Life: The Biblical Path to Pro-life Victory in the 21st Century
Contact: Daniel Becker, Personhood Alliance, 770-667-3777

ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 22, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Personhood Alliance Founder Daniel Becker announced the release of a compendium of pro-life essays from within the Personhood arm of the pro-life movement. "As we move toward the third decade of the 21st century, Christians concerned with defending the right to life face daunting new challenges. To protect fellow humans against emerging threats, we must re-examine the effectiveness of our most fundamental strategies and return to a faith-filled Christ-centric biblical worldview basis for our policy and strategies," said Becker.

Personhood the Tree of Life: The biblical path to pro-life victory in the 21st Century has been commended by a diverse group of pro-life leaders from around the world.

The Forward is written by Bishop David D. Kagan, of Bismarck, ND, who said, "Personhood the Tree of Life seeks to influence public opinion and public policy . . . they [the contributors] have, by their faith-based example, demonstrated a model of pro-life victory in the 21st Century. I commend them for their faithfulness."

George Grant, evangelical author of Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, asks "Why is personhood such a pivotal issue? As this important book demonstrates, whenever the principles of human dignity and sanctity of life are questioned, the rule of law is automatically thrown into very real jeopardy. No one, then, is absolutely secure, because absoluteness is removed from our legal vocabulary. When the right to life is abrogated for at least some citizens, all the liberties of all the citizens are at risk. Suddenly, arbitrariness, relativism, and randomness have entered into the legal equation. This, then, is the pivotal issue of our age."

Tony Sperandeo is an international Jewish author and minister at Kehilat HaMaayan, Israel. He is the Chairman of Be'ad Chaim, the Israeli movement for the protection of the unborn child. A long-time advocate of biblical personhood, he says, "Personhood has to be protected. You have been created for a purpose. Well done and thank you Personhood® for again 'blowing the shofar' and giving us a clear call to action."

John-Henry Westin, founder of the largest pro-life website in the world, LifeSiteNews.com, said, "Ever wonder why there can be no compromise or exception possible for the right to life for preborn children? This new book edited by Daniel Becker comprehensively and persuasively answers that question and many more. Full protection for the life of children in the womb is the only legitimate goal of the pro-life movement and Personhood lays out a path steering clear of unethical concessions to the culture of death."

These essays serve as a critical contribution to the conversation among individuals and organizations who, as diverse as they may be, are unified on the biblical principles of the sanctity of human life and human dignity for all those created in the image of God—without exception and without compromise.

To order the book see tkspublications.com or go to personhood.org.