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Introducing ... Operation: Throw Obama Out -- Seven Swing States, Seven Campaigns

"Our mission is to bring down the Obama Presidency using graphic attack ads against Obama in seven swing states." -- Randall Terry

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 304-289-3700; www.OperationThrowObamaOut.com

ROMNEY, W.Va., Sept. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Seven federal campaigns are poised to run withering ads against Obama in 21 states and the District of Columbia, including 7 vital swing states: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Colorado.

The TV ads show babies murdered by abortion, and Christians and Jews who have been murdered by Muslims -- Muslims who have received direct or indirect funding from Obama. The ads put the blame of this slaughter squarely on Obama.

Obama won in 2008 with 55% of the Catholic vote, and 35% of the evangelical vote.

Since that time, he has crossed swords with Catholic bishops and evangelical leaders by promoting the killing of unborn babies, forcing the Church to pay for drugs that kill the unborn, supporting "homosexual marriage," and funding Islamic terrorists that persecute Christians in the Middle East.

The TV ads make the case that, according to Christian ethics, human life is of far higher value than money; protecting innocent life with our vote, a greater duty than squabbling over economic policy.

FCC law requires TV stations to broadcast the TV commercials of Federal Candidates whose geographic area is serviced by the station. I.e., Washington DC stations are required by law to carry the ads of a Presidential Candidate in West Virginia,

The candidates, districts, and swing state where ads will be run are as follows:

  • Angela Michael for Congress, IL-15 (running ads in IN);
  • David Lewis for Congress, KY-4 (running ads in IN and OH);
  • Andrew Beacham for Congress, KY-2 (running ads in IN);
  • Randall Terry for Congress, FL-20 (Running ads in Miami/Ft. Laud and West Palm), George Krail for Congress, IA-1 (running ads in IA);
  • Alan Aversa for Congress, IA-2 (running ads in IA);
  • Randall Terry and Missy Smith for President and Vice President in WV, KY, and NE (running ads in 20 states, including VA, NC, OH, IN, IA, and CO).

"These campaigns will reach millions of Catholic and Evangelical voters in crucial swing states with TV ads showing babies and Christians murdered as a result of Obama's agenda. Our message is simple: No Christian can ethically vote for Obama." -- Randall Terry

See candidates and ads at www.OperationThrowObamaOut.com