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Jesus Says Obama is Not a Christian -- Pastor: 'Obey God and Turn Away from Obama'

Contact: Pastor Steven Andrew, USA Christian Ministries, 877-537-8734

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 1, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Christians are to obey God and turn away from Barack Obama -- Obama is lost in sin," says pastor Steven Andrew. He is president of USA Christian Ministries and author of "Making A Strong Christian Nation." (www.usachristianministries.com/christian-nation)

Pointing to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus says, "you will know them by their fruits," the ministry president explains that by looking at Obama's fruits Jesus says Obama is not a Christian (Matthew 7:16). For example, Obama advocated to leave living babies to die who survive botched abortions and covered Jesus' name and cross at Georgetown.

Obama has removed references to God when quoting the Declaration of Independence and Bible verses from the Pentagon reports. Instead of saying the USA's national motto is "In God We Trust," Obama has lied that it is something without God. "We now see Obama is anti-God," he adds.

"God says homosexual sin is an abomination in Leviticus 18:22 and that He removes nations for homosexual sin (2Peter 2:6). However, Obama promotes sexual and homosexual sin and is trying to change God's holy marriage to unholy homosexual 'marriage'," says pastor Steven.

"While it is good that Protestant and Catholic leaders have spoken up for religious freedom because Obama violates God's unalienable right of conscience, pastors are supposed to warn Christians about all of Obama's sins," pastor Steven Andrew says.

"Obama has tempted Americans to desire other people's money in covetousness, but each person is to live for God-not to get other people's money," he adds.

"Leading Americans away from the LORD is Obama's greatest sin," says the author. Obama did this when he lied that the USA is "no longer a Christian nation." The truth is the USA is a covenant Christian nation "to all generations" by our Founders. Jesus loves Americans. There are 78-80% Christians and only 0.7% Buddhists and 0.5% Muslims (Pew, Gallop). "It is the devil speaking through Obama, not God," he adds.

The author explains, "There is no place in the Holy Bible that says to follow anyone sinning. Instead, God says that Christians are to separate from (1Corinthians 5:13), turn away from (2Timothy 3:5), avoid (Romans 16:17), not help (2Chronicles 19:2) and not listen to people like Obama (Psalm 1). No Christian can follow Obama in sin."

USA Christian Ministries is raising money to build a network of 1000 pastors to pastor the USA and to start a national TV ministry. (www.usachristianministries.com)