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God's Smoking Gun

God's Smoking Gun: Ground-Breaking Book from LaFenus Jennings Exposes Flawed Religious Doctrines Concerning Israel And The Middle East.  Tackling a number of issues that leave modern Christian's dumbfounded, LaFenus Jennings' compelling new book addresses the many religious views held by influential leaders and how they pertain to contradictory global doctrines.

Contact: LaFenus Jennings, 302-521-4198, Ljenni@juno.com

WILMINGTON, Del., May 1, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- From the New World Order to Israel's supposedly special treatment by God; a number of long-standing doctrines are of constant debate and confusion to the Christian world. In his latest book, LaFenus Jennings both explains and exposes a myriad of such beliefs.

'God's Smoking Gun' is more than a book of theory; it's a potentially life-changing guide for the young, the old and those who are concerned with what they've been taught to believe.

God's Smoking Gun addresses a number of the religious views held by influential leaders; Views that not only impact secular and religious society, but also affect the political and military decisions that America makes.

The truth is made harder to find when too many details are discussed. A stand-back and overall view of these issues can sometimes make the difference in what we comprehend as sound, solid, sure-proof doctrine. As the author explains, Israel and its international perception play a huge part in the story he has to tell.

"Having Israel as an ally is great for the United States. However, the religious right has lots of weight to bear down on America's decision making capabilities in this venue," says Jennings.
Continuing, "They say that the reasons for moving money and might to Israel can be found in the Bible. I am trying to show both Christians and non-Christians that Israel now stands the same as every other nation on the planet, and has no special 'anything' given to it by God."

The book will resonate with a wide readership, especially those with an interest in the Rapture, Left Behind, Video and print series; which depend on the idea the Nation Israel is the center of the end time events and has tremendous favor from God.

Jennings also affirms the book's relevance to those questioning the reliability of the Bible.

"The message is particularly important to those who may be interested in what the Bible has to say about a New World Order concept and it's relation to the Bible, as well as those who wonder how a perfect creation can become imperfect, and where evil came from if there was no evil at the beginning of creation," he adds.

Critics praise Jennings for the diligent efforts he is taking to help mankind better understand the many conflicting and biased messages that shape society. In fact, due to its success, the book will be featured at the International Book Fair in New York during May and June.

With the book's popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

'God's Smoking Gun,' published by Xulon Press, is available now: amzn.to/10YcXc4 or www.Amazon.com

Video Trailer Link (youtu.be/ypHuPRNDH8Q)

About the Author:
I was born the year 1949 in Chester Pennsylvania, When they took me out of my mother's womb, I cried. It wasn't because someone smacked me on my butt, I just didn't like my new environment. I wanted to go back to where it was warm, and cushiony, a place where I just floated around and did not think of anything. When I was born into adulthood around age 20, I cried, not real tears but a complainant wail.

My draft number came up and I was going to go to Vietnam and get shot! At that time, I did a lot of thinking. I didn't want to leave this world the same way I came (not knowing the unknown). My common sense told me a person doesn't come into this world, and after experiencing the miseries and joys, just die like a dog. Over a number of years, I spent a lot of time talking to people, reading books, watching television programs and researching things that pertain to my interest. After so many religious, scientific, and political ideologies have gone through my mind, I concluded that people think people are right, and people think people are wrong, and the thing just dies because there are no absolutes. When I firmly settled in Reformed Christianity, my way of thinking changed. The change is reflected in this book.

LaFenus Jennings