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A Top Unitarian Pastor Attacked Sports Minister Steve McConkey in the Wisconsin State Journal

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MADISON, Wis., March 18, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Rev. Michael Schuler, pastor of the First Unitarian Society in Madison, said Steve McConkey “is not a credible spokesman for Christianity.”

He opposes Steve McConkey's recent stand against the United States Olympic Committee's new policy on homosexuality. Steve McConkey has been a sports minister since 1981.

The quote is from a Wisconsin State Journal article on Sunday, March 16 entitled “Revisiting a Controversial Column on Homosexuality.”

The article was in response to an article two weeks ago in the Journal, “Madison Sports Ministry Decries 'Pro-homosexual' Olympics Policies."

McConkey has been attacked from those who disagree with his views on homosexuality after the first article two weeks ago. In 2006, Madison, Wisconsin voters voted 76% in favor of gay marriage.

He recently opposed the United States Olympic Committee's new non-discrimination policy. Plus, he opposed Nike supporting a political action committee (PAC) for gay marriage in Oregon.

Rev. Michael Schuler was supposedly speaking for mainline denominations. He believes McConkey is an "outlier" and “not a credible spokesman for Christianity."

In the USA, Evangelicals comprise 26.3% of the people (82.6 million), Mainline Protestants 18.1% (56.8 million), Catholics 23.9% (75 million), and Unitarians 211,000. Steve speaks for most evangelicals as 78% oppose homosexuality.

"Rev. Schuler considers me to be a non-legitimate voice for Christians because we are a small ministry and not involved with liberal churches," says McConkey. "In order to stifle Christians, liberals are trying to demean and belittle Christian voices by calling us bigots. Pray we would continue to be obedient."

Steve McConkey operates websites that received over 2 million hits in 2013. Recently, 50,000 hits in one day for a record. Also, the ministry has been featured in articles and on various radio programs throughout the world. Steve has worked with world-class track and field athletes since 1981. The ministry still works in track and field, but has expanded to all sports.

Unitarian Universalism is a cult according to GotQuestions.org. Unitarians deny the trinity and believe all human beings will attain salvation. They believe Jesus was not divine, did not die for man's sin, and man is not fallen. They say man saves himself through personal improvement. Most Unitarian Universalists deny the existence of an afterlife.

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"Revisiting a Controversial Column on Homosexuality" 

"Madison Sports Ministry Decries 'Pro-homosexual' Olympics Policies"