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VoteYesMarriage.com Responds to Governor Schwarzenegger's Pledge to Veto 'Same-Sex Marriages' Bill

California Supreme Court still likely to license 'gay marriages' next year

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SACRAMENTO, California, Sept. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto a bill that would license homosexual "marriages." At a Monday news conference, in response to a question, Schwarzenegger said, "It would be wrong for the people to vote for something and for me to then overturn it. So they can send this bill down as many times as they want, I won't do it."

"Now that marriage licenses are safe at the Governor's office, all eyes must focus on the California Supreme Court, which is highly likely to license 'same-sex marriages' next year and utterly trash the precious vote of the people on marriage," said Randy Thomasson, an official proponent of the VoteYesMarriage.com California Marriage Amendment. "The Governor has given only temporary protection to marriage. For permanent protection, the people need to rise up and save everything about marriage for a man and a woman in the California Constitution."

"Despite the Governor's good decision, the definition and institution of marriage is still targeted for destruction," said former Assemblyman Larry Bowler of the VoteYesMarriage.com coalition. "California judges are scheduled to hear the case to destroy marriage within the next few months, and it doesn't look good. Every concerned Californian who understands and believes that marriage rights are only for a man and a woman must generously support the VoteYesMarriage.com campaign."

The California Supreme Court has set October 9 as the filing deadline for responses to amicus curiae briefs. Oral arguments in the "same-sex marriage" cases could be scheduled for November or December. The high court already has the votes to redefine marriage.

In 2000, Proposition 22 to reserve marriage for a man and a woman was approved by 61.4% of California voters. Because Prop. 22 was a voter-approved statute, the Legislature is prohibited from licensing "same-sex marriages." However, only a state constitutional amendment such as VoteYesMarriage.com can protect marriage from the reach of the judiciary.

The VoteYesMarriage.com campaign estimates that it needs $2.5 million to professionally qualify its amendment for the 2008 ballot. U.S. citizens and legal residents are encouraged to generously donate at www.voteyesmarriage.com.