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Evangelist Alveda King: Leap Year Signals Jubilee for Black Americans During African American History Month

Alveda King Ministries
March 3, 2020

ATLANTA, March 3, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Evangelist Alveda King submits the following and is available for comment: 

    When peripherals collide, convergence is imminent: Reflections as 2020 Black History Month comes to an end last week.

    Sitting across from President Donald John Trump during a landmark historic round table Black History discussion, I smiled as he asked the group gathered whether we would like to be called Black or African Americans? As one, we resounded: "Black!" As a group, we went on to explain that while the reasons are complicated, the terms are acceptably interchangeable.

    What was most compelling about the honor of sitting with the POTUS and powerful and motivated peers was the air of transparency in the room. President Trump is an active listener and a consummate communicator. The atmosphere was charged with hope and vision; not racist, not colorblind. Our ethnicity was there in the White House, for all to see!

    "Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude." -- Colossians 4:2 MSG

    "We all bleed the same." -- President Donald J. Trump

    With America's "Black History Month" now behind us, over the moon and back would describe the Black History events that occurred during the 29 days of Black History Month 2020. Presidential pardons, clemency, fair housing seminars, round table talks and more mark this landmark leap year. With President Trump, our most prolife president ever, at the helm, there are even brighter days ahead; especially for our babies in the womb.

    "We don't worship government, we worship God." -- President Donald J. Trump
    Thursday, after the round table discussion with Black leaders, President Trump, joined by First Lady Melania Trump, spoke at a jam packed White House reception honoring African American History Month. The celebration this year coincides with the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment.

    POTUS noted that throughout America's journey, African Americans have enhanced—and advanced—every aspect of American life. "Their fight for equality, representation, and respect motivates us to continue working for a more promising, peaceful, and hopeful future for every American," notes President Trump in his 2020 National African American History Month Proclamation.

    "Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there. It will be a jubilee year for you, when each of you may return to the land that belonged to your ancestors and return to your own clan." -- Leviticus 25:10 NLT

    As one who was boots on the ground along with my goddaughter Angela Stanton-King and mentor Bruce LeVell, I am honored to have had the opportunity during Black History Month, to pray with our President, to hear his heart for the success of America, and to encourage and celebrate all the "promises made and promises kept" by President Donald John Trump.

    Over at Priests for Life, Civil Rights is fighting for the babies in the womb, and not just during Black History Month. Red and yellow, black and white, all babies are precious in God's sight.

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SOURCE Alveda King Ministries  

CONTACT: Leslie Palma, 917-697-7039

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