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Christians Traveling the Globe, Trading 'Free' Accommodations

Contact: David Utting, ChristianHomeSwap.com, 0420-803-108


MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- How would you like to take that dream trip to the city or country you've always yearned to visit and, get this, stay for free the whole vacation? A unique and exciting home swap network--ChristianHomeSwap.com is empowering Christians to connect with others nationally and internationally, build trust, then swap homes and enjoy free, deluxe accommodations.


The homes featured on ChristianHomeSwap.com--which visitors can preview with the click of a mouse--are clean, well-appointed, and situated in some of the world's most sought-after destinations, from the white beaches of Australia to the historic streets of Europe, from breathtaking Canada to the jungles of South Africa, and throughout the United States.


The owners of ChristianHomeSwap.com, Dave and Kirsty Utting, founded the company in 2007 after traveling much of the world and settling into their new home in Melbourne, Australia. Dave says after staying in their fair share of "dodgy hotels and disappointing resorts," he and Kirsty began to explore the option of swapping homes with other Christians. They were flabbergasted by what they discovered.


"When we took a hard look at the home swap concept and realized the remarkable potential, our lives changed for good," says Dave. "We realized we could enjoy high-end vacations, visiting places we never imagined, and now we're helping others do the same through our easy-to-use web site. Even though ChristianHomeSwap.com is new, we think it's going to be the most fulfilling and rewarding undertaking we've ever been part of. People are blown away by the places they can stay, all over the world, for free."


To become part of the growing network of vacation homes at ChristianHomeSwap.com, people are simply asked to log on to the web site and register their homes. Once that quick step is complete, they can search specific dates, destinations, and accommodations, communicate with the owners, and start making travel plans.


"One of the best perks about ChristianHomeSwap.com is that people can go to a residence where locals live and they can take advantage of that local knowledge; in other words, they see the town through local eyes. They get all the inside knowledge only the locals have, about the best side-street cafes and off-the-beaten-path restaurants, the most brilliant sites and attractions, and the best times to visit them."


ChristianHomeSwap.com is designed to encourage participants to enjoy all the comforts, conveniences, and amenities of each other's homes, from kitchens and laundries to spas and swimming pools. In addition, Dave and Kirsty hope the new acquaintances made between home swap parties will lead to life-long friendships.


"It's one of those rare win-win opportunities for everyone involved," insists Dave. "Couples and families who never thought they could afford to vacation in Europe are able to do so. The concept is simple. And, because it involves Christians connecting with other Christians, there's an air of wholesomeness and truthfulness about it that just makes the whole process a joy."