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Fayetteville, Arkansas Abortion Center Closing; Facility Was Site of 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigils

Contact: Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life, 979-574-8711

WASHINGTON, July 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- According to news reports from northwest Arkansas, the Fayetteville Women's Clinic -- an abortion facility -- will be closing its doors at the end of the month as the owner has announced his retirement.

"This will be the sixth abortion center at a location where 40 Days for Life's peaceful prayer vigils have been conducted to go out of business," said Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life campaign director. "It is truly an answer to prayer that abortions will no longer be carried out at this facility. All the glory belongs to God."

The announcement comes as 40 Days for Life is accepting applications to host 40-day campaigns of prayer, fasting, vigil and outreach this fall from September 22 to October 31. This will be the seventh coordinated campaign. Already, locations across the United States and Canada -- and in several other nations -- have applied at www.40DaysForLife.com to participate in the fall campaign.

"How humbling will it be," asked Carney, "to see God use the simplicity of prayer, fasting, outreach, and vigil to bring an end to abortion in many more areas, just like Fayetteville?"

"We rejoice over the babies that will be saved and the parents who will be spared from a lifetime of regret," said Juliet Cassell, Fayetteville coordinator for 40 Days for Life, upon learning of the facility's closure. However, she added, "we must continue to pray that abortions will also stop at Planned Parenthood." The local Planned Parenthood center provides "medical abortions" using the RU-486 pill.

In addition to the Fayetteville center's closing, abortion facilities have closed in Dallas, Texas; Pensacola, Florida; Kalispell, Montana; Orange County, California; and Rockland County, New York following peaceful 40 Days for Life prayer vigils.

In six previous coordinated campaigns, the 40 Days for Life program has been conducted in 307 communities across all 50 states, plus Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland and Denmark. More that 350,000 people representing some 11,000 church congregations have participated. More than three dozen abortion center employees have left their jobs in the abortion industry, and more than 2,800 babies' lives have been spared from abortion during these campaigns.