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Dead Children Expose the Worst in Us
Contact: Gary McCullough, 202-546-0054

OPINION, March 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Gary McCullough, director of Christian Newswire:
As the director of Christian Newswire I enjoy a unique opportunity to observe outlandish opinions and the responses they provoke.

On March 24, our service distributed a submission from Gingi Edmonds* that engendered much more than the usual number of replies questioning the character of Christian Newswire. This is not surprising since the item addressed is a combination of abortion, the death of born children, and the always popular topic of God's wrath. Edmonds wrote about the recent Montana airplane crash in which several children died, and the ties the family has to the abortion business.

As director of this newswire, I do not believe I need to defend our choice of what we distribute from attacks by those who trumpet the phrase "pro-choice." I am not concerned about the intolerance expressed by those who scream for tolerance. Nor do I intend to defend Ms. Edmonds' freedom to express herself from those who cry "censorship" to justify the publication of anything vile, offensive or disgusting. 

Hypocrisy is just too easy of a target.

What I do find of interest is the common misunderstanding of God's judgment and what Edmonds expressed.  Imagine if you will, a father telling his toddler son not to touch a hot stove. Over and over the father warns that the stove will burn him if he touches it.  Yet the toddler does, and cries out in pain. The infant mind might blame the father for the burn he just experienced -- thinking he was being punished. "Why did you burn me daddy?"
I do not know the extent of the pain we will experience for failing to heed our Heavenly Father's admonition not to murder. Child-on-child and child-on-adult murderers are becoming less rare. An overall lack of respect for human life is undoubtedly having an impact. The highest concentration of child-on-child murders occur within the segment of our society with the highest concentration of abortion clinics. And we cry out, "Why is this happening -- is God punishing us?"

Ms. Edmonds does not claim that God took the lives of the airplane crash victims in an act of vengeance. She does point out the irony of such a loss being experienced by a leader in the child-killing profession.
Edmonds also asks why the business of this family's patriarch was not mentioned by in any of the news coverage.
What would the media's response have been if this loss of life happened to one who operated a "death camp" for the Nazis?  Would the press have included the profession of the patriarch of this family if he was part of the 9-11 attack? The twist of fate displayed by one grieving over the loss of his own family while employed in the extinguishing the lives of others would see widespread news coverage.

The most frequently used word to attack the opinion put forth by Edmonds was "shame" as in "have you no shame?" and "shame on you."

I propose that as is the case in the vast majority of human interactions when stress and discomfort bubble to the surface -- the thing we claim to despise the most in others is a fault within ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge.

Do I need to state the obvious? What is more shameful than murdering your own child? One answer might be murdering others' children for hire. 

Thus I am taking this opportunity to say to all who have asked if Christian Newswire has no shame, or if Ms. Edmonds has no shame; that boat sailed in 1973. As is true of our nation's past tolerance of slavery, our present tolerance of child-killing in the name of abortion is a defining trait of American society. 

When it comes to child-murder, as a nation, in can be said:

We have no shame.

* Family of Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp, Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Montana Plane Crash