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Finally, an Affordable AAC Solution for People with ALS
Contact: Austin McRay, Chief Marketing Officer, VisuALS Technology Solutions, 405-594-7404, austin@visuals.tech

EDMOND, Okla., Sept. 1, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- VisuALS Technology Solutions is offering a comprehensive augmentative and alternative communications (AAC) solution for less than $3,000, a fraction of traditional devices, and it's available now. Seeing the need for affordable AAC devices, VisuALS started as a student based project at Oklahoma Christian University, but has now turned into a full fledged business.

VisuALS is a best-of-breed solution that combines the VisuALS software, PC hardware, and an eye-tracking bar to create an affordable and simple to use solution. By using eye-gaze technology, patients can text-to-speech, record and save notes, browse the web, have access to email, and control devices in the home through optional home automation products. The VisuALS system sells for $2,700 and includes a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, a mount holder, a bluetooth speaker and the VisuALS software. Patients separately purchase an eye tracking bar for $150 which the VisuALS team integrates with the other components before delivery.

Wendy Beson, an RN at the Integris Neuromuscular Center, expressed her excitement for the VisuALS solution. "It is of vital importance that people with ALS have a way to communicate with the world around them. Eye gaze technology allows these people to maintain their individuality, verbalize their needs, and maintain their independence for so much longer. This technology is not only affordable but easy to learn and put to use."

Carl Phelps, VisuALS's first beta tester, said (through the VisuALS system), "We had been warned about how expensive these products (assistive technology) can be, but when we heard about VisuALS, we wanted to get one as quickly as possible."

VisuALS' CEO, Russ McGuire adds "We have met many brilliant, funny, sweet, caring, and precious people with ALS. The disease robs their voice and their hands, locking that beauty inside them. Our heart is to enrich their lives and our world by making communications solutions available to as many as possible."

The VisuALS solution is available now at visuals.tech/shop. There is no need to go through all of the strenuous, and sometimes frustrating steps, of getting approved by insurance and it can be delivered to your door within two weeks.

About VisuALS Technology Solutions, LLC
Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, VisuALS' mission is to love our neighbors by restoring independence, dignity, and hope through affordable assistive technology solutions. Birthed out of an award winning student project, VisuALS continues to benefit from its relationship with the innovative Oklahoma Christian University community. Learn more at

Austin McRay
Chief Marketing Officer
VisuALS Technology Solutions