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Joe Paterno vs The Homosexual Lobby
Contact: Tom Ritter, 570-366-1115, ritterthomas754@gmail.com
ORWIGSBURG, Penn., Feb. 20, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The firing of Joe Paterno is to distract us from the fact that the predations of Jerry Sandusky were homosexual. If he were a heterosexual, his victims would have been girls.
But Tom Ritter, who resides in Orwigsburg, Pa, says this time the homosexual lobby has smeared the wrong guy, and he plans to set the record straight by having every one of the Penn State trustees apologize, then resign.
Ritter intends to do this by leaning on the Pennsylvania legislature, which every year gives a generous amount to Penn State.
So he will send out periodic and reminding e-mails to the hundreds of thousands of Joe Paterno fans across Pennsylvania, asking them not to vote for any member of the legislature who will not introduce or co-sponsor legislation denying all money to Penn State until the trustees have apologized and resigned.
This includes Republican Governor and baby-kisser Tom Corbett, who is also a Penn State trustee, and wants to be re-elected.
The next of Tom Ritter's e-mails, to be released on March 1, follows:
Remembering Joe Paterno IV:
The Penn State trustees are trying to shift your attention away from the fact that Jerry Sandusky's predations were homosexual. Had they been heterosexual, his victims would have been girls.
So they unanimously voted to fire Joe Paterno.
But I am tired of the homosexual lobby; aren't you?
And I am tired of politicians covering for them. Note well, every member of the Pa legislature could introduce or co-sponsor a motion to bar any funds for Penn State until every trustee has publicly apologized, then resigned.
(Now contrary to what some will tell you, this is easy. Indeed, if the trustees really cared about Penn State, they would do this quickly.)
Do NOT tell anyone how you plan to vote. The politicians would love to find out so they can count beans.
I will remind you of this every month until the election. I will remind you monthly for as long as it takes.
Tom Ritter is a registered Republican.  Ritter, a retired physics and chemistry teacher, says he can generate these e-mails effortlessly, and he will not forget.