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New Book Promises Hope for the 'Sick-and-Tired' Christian

Contact: Mary Champion, Remnant Publications, 517-279-1304

COLDWATER, Mich., March 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dwight Hall, president of Remnant Publications, a non-profit Christian publisher, has just announced the release of Jim Ayer's He Shall Lift You Up, the ministry's newest inspirational resource that equips Christians from every walk of life to win their most challenging spiritual battles.

Says Dwight Hall, "Jim boldly addresses the dilemma that so many Christians today need and want help to resolve--they are just sick and tired of a lackluster Christian life. Many of us have heard about having 'power in the blood,' but we're lacking half of the equation: We have the blood, but not the power. He Shall Life You Up helps us to find that power and revitalize our Christian experience."

Explains author Jim Ayer, speaker for AW Radio, "If a person frequently feels like a sinner and seldom feels like a saint, this book is really for them. It will show every reader just how powerful God can be in our lives and, as a result, set them on a more promising path to heaven."

He Shall Lift You Up reveals that the hand of God is waiting to do wonders in and through the life of every Christian. They don’t have to ever experience an uninspiring moment again because God wants to help them live their lives to the fullest!

Adds Ayer, "When Jesus described the life of faith, He made it so real and reachable that His listeners knew they could truly experience it for themselves." This new, power-packed book promises that readers can feel the same way, even in this day and age, through the very same promises of an all-powerful Savior.

The themes of He Shall Lift You Up also explore the causes and solutions of contentious and unnecessary debates in Christendom. Ayer also shares earnest and exciting personal spiritual discoveries through a Bible-based perspective.

Dwight Hall adds, "By the time a soul finishes reading this tour-de-force of faith, he or she will be convinced that all of Jesus' biddings are within reach. So why continue life as a worm? Be transformed into a butterfly, soaring to lofty heights. Come and be changed by the power of the Almighty!"

For more information about He Shall Life You Up and to order copies, contact Remnant Publications at 517-279-1304. You can also visit www.RemnantPublications.com or write to Remnant Publications • PO Box 426 • Coldwater, MI 49036.