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Cambridge, Mass. Hindu Yoga Accepted While Christian Symbols Are Taken Down

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MADISON, Wis., Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts has pictures of yoga positions on parking ticket envelopes while Christian symbols are being taken down throughout the United States.

Forty thousand citations have been issued by Cambridge parking officers with yoga positions on the front of parking ticket envelopes. Instructions are given to show people how to do the yoga positions. Yoga is a 'symbol' of Hinduism.

Officials say the tickets are used to lead to a "peaceful exchange" between officers and the public. Cambridge officers hand out 340,000 parking tickets per year.

However, throughout the United States, Christian symbols are being removed from many public places. Schools, courthouses, and other public buildings have been forced to remove Christian symbols.

The ACLU and other atheist organizations have worked overtime to make sure Christian symbols are taken down. However, they are silent as yoga is propagated in our schools and public buildings, and now on parking tickets.

Yoga is a 'symbol' of Hinduism. Hindu leaders know this and they are pleased that yoga is making headway. Rajan Zed, Hindu statesmen, sent out a news release thanking Cambridge for their promotion of yoga.

Zed says "Yoga was based on a eightfold path to direct the practitioner from awareness of the external world to focus on the inner." Swami Vivekananda brought yoga to the United States in 1893. About 16 million Americans now do yoga.

Some say that Christians can practice yoga, however, yoga is a spiritual exercise. It goes beyond normal stretching.

ChristianInvestigator.com President Steve McConkey says, "Yoga, being a symbol of Hinduism, is pushed by some Christians without realizing yoga promotes Hinduism, spiritually and symbolically."

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