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Inspiring True Story Shares God's Saving Grace from an Empty, Hedonistic Life

Marty Angelo's memoir, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning" chronicles his drug-filled search for glory through the music industry in the '60s, to his complete transformation as he converted to Christianity and devoted his life to sharing God's love.

Contact: Marty Angelo, 805-984-8975

HOLLYWOOD, July 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- One can hardly turn on the news these days without witnessing a celebrity scandal involving drugs, alcohol or criminal charges. As a formerly successful music business entrepreneur, who served a prison sentence for cocaine possession in the early '80s, Marty Angelo feels a particular empathy for celebrities who find themselves in crises.

Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Sizemore and Paris Hilton are a few who recently received free copies of his new book, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning" (ISBN 0961895446, Impact Publishing, 2006). Angelo hopes his book will inspire them to turn their lives around. He also ships books free of charge to prisons, jails, and drug rehabs.

Much like many famed celebrities, Angelo lived life in the fast lane as he climbed the ladder of success in the music industry, tempted by the glamorous pleasure that stardom brings. As he looks back with the wisdom of hindsight in "Once Life Matters."

The turning point in Angelo's own life came when he hit rock bottom, facing a long prison sentence for cocaine possession. It was then that he realized how truly lost he had become and placed his faith and trust in God by accepting Jesus Christ into his life as Lord and Savior.

On June 9, 2007 Angelo petitioned Los Angeles County sentencing Judge Michael Sauer asking to serve out the remainder of Paris Hilton's jail sentence if the judge would release her to an alternative treatment program. Angelo's petition was ignored.

Hilton referred to starting "A New Beginning" during her interview with talk show host, Larry King two days after being released from jail.

Angelo shipped a copy of his book to Hilton on May 23, 2007 before her Los Angeles County Jail incarceration.

Hilton quoted directly from one of the book's pages (#178) during the interview when she used Angelo's 'prison motto' advice: "Don't serve the time, let the time serve you." Hilton stated, "I did that and that really helped."

Angelo received a thank you note from Hilton after she was released from jail.

About the Author

Marty Angelo resides in southern California. Before his conversion to Christianity, Angelo worked in the entertainment business for 15 years. He is currently a full-time prison minister, author and teacher. His next book, "Vision of the New Jerusalem: Now!" addresses the "end-time" prophecy doctrines and is due out.