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Wikipedia Removes Bible Article

Contact: Phil Ward, +61-7-5450-5274 (Australia)

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- The iconic website Wikipedia has removed an article about a forthcoming Bible translation.

The translation's publishers responded by publishing the removed article on their own website.

"We thought you should have a chance to see what Wikipedia rejected. Then you can judge for yourself if they were fair to remove it," the BibleAsPoetry.com internet site says.

The 'Bible as Poetry' is the first New Testament to show that the entire New Testament was originally written in Biblical poetry.

Its publishers claim it will be the most accurate translation of the New Testament available, yet it is simple enough for a child to understand.

An electronic edition of its New Testament is being released on the internet on November 26.



The Wikipedia article is at www.bibleaspoetry.com/wiki.php.  It has replaced the 'About' page on the website because it is a good source of information about the new translation. If you wish to expand this press release, that page will be a good source.


The front cover of the Bible as Poetry.


Total number of footnotes = 25,900
Number of alternative meanings given in margin = 53,000
Old Testament quotes identified in margin = 4800
Cases of deliberate double meanings marked in margin = 2424
Average number of deliberate double meanings per chapter = 9.3
Number of times the meanings of names are in margin = 450
Number of textual variants in margin (with ratings) = 439
Number of transposed passages identified = 180
Number of words with extra meanings given in margin = 21,700
Number of subtle meanings given that almost all other translations omit = 2000
Number times humor is identified per chapter = 4.7
Total marked instances of humor marked in margin = 1227
Average number of words per sentence = 12.9
Number of years education needed to easily understand:
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level = 6.05 years
Gunning Fox Index = 7.29 years
Shortest verse in this translation (and in the Greek) = 1 Thessalonians 5:16
Second shortest verse = 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Hours spent creating this translation = 40,000