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Prop 8 Helps Protect Against Human Trafficking

Contact: Tony Nassif, Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation, 818-848-7522

CALIFORNIA, October 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Child prostitution in America is a major component of human Trafficking. One root is the break up of the central family of mother, father and children.

Many young girls fall victim to domestic trafficking by not having a loving father and mother and a secure family structure.

Prop 8 Marriage Protection Amendment will help hinder human trafficking of children by reinforcing the social structure of the traditional, nuclear family.

Human trafficking occurs right here in America. Every year nearly 800,000 children are reported missing. Child prostitution is exponentially growing.

Most hear of trafficking overseas. Now there is "reverse trafficking". Predators come to the United States to have sex with children.

Prop 8 Impact: Child prostitutes predominantly come from broken homes where girls do not have a stable two parent family. Instead they are either thrown away, run away or lured. If these children had the balance of a mother and a father the chances of them falling into the hands of the predator are drastically reduced.

Reinforcing the natural, traditional family of a mother and father by Prop 8 will help build and maintain sound families protecting children. Much more will need to be done i.e. bringing moral integrity to the culture.

Homosexual marriage sets forth an open door for confusion of what is normal. Homosexual acceptance takes away the stability of the societal standard of mother and father.

The mother and father (female and male) provide the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs unique to a father and mother as needed by a boy and girl. This helps provide a sanctuary for children.

Normalizing homosexuality disintegrates standard paradigms of normal sexual behavior and interpersonal relationships between man and woman, boy and girl.

Prop 8 will re-establish the Logic and sanctity of traditional marriage and Family is the key to the protection of children from predators: Prop 8 will reestablish the image and standards of normal behavior and relationships which are key to the protection of children from predators. It will provide cultural safety, thereby reducing the likelihood of sexualizing children who have the secure home of a mother and father who embrace them with love.

Tony Nassif is also author of Jesus, Politics and the Church. and president/founder of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation.

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