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New Online Documentary for Teenage Girls about Abortion Health Risks Creating Problems for Pro-choice Legislators, Malpractice Insurers, and Physicians
Contact: B. Keith Neely, Wounded and Abandoned, 416-464-0445

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new free online TED talks length (17 minutes) documentary points out that legislators, malpractice insurers, and physicians cannot support abortion because of the procedure's long list of documented serious health risks to women; immediate and delayed, emotional and physical.

The documentary, "Wounded and Abandoned in 17 minutes," in addition to presenting 7 health risks of abortion, explains that legislation legalizing abortion came out of the idea that abortion was safer than childbirth. But there are no reliable statistics in the USA to support that. In countries where there are reliable statistics researchers discover the theory is false: Producer B. Keith Neely with his medical script consultant Brent Rooney, present ten meta-studies ("Study of Studies") that demonstrate beyond argument abortion's serious health risks, while no meta-studies whatsoever have cleared it as the relatively benign procedure proponents say it is. Neely adds that "It is astounding that legislators around the world perpetrate, for the apparent protection of women, a long dispelled theory" and notes that the research has been repeatedly validated as accurate in the courtroom. Neely asks how the so called objective media can portray that research as "myths and lies" while failing to expose the real "myths and lies" that are foundational to the abortion industry.

The documentary confronts physicians with their legal obligation to fully explain the health risks to a patient - even if they don't agree with the risks- or face losing their medical malpractice insurance just when they need it in a courtroom. Medical malpractice insurers are at risk of class action because few women have been informed of the risks.

The documentary, includes detailed, medically accurate, but family friendly (not gruesome) animation of the procedure as it walks the viewer through seven different ways a woman's present and future health can be damaged, along with the health of future children. youtu.be/l0-92B5FVv0

This video joins Neely's earlier online video which exposes the government's lack of respect, protection and care for women: It asks why the government, although aware that both cigarettes and abortion can cause the extremely serious problem of premature babies, only the cigarette industry is forced to warn women. 10 min. www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZjhmjUeecg, abbreviated 4 min. www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IoWZEJNMdA.

B. Keith Neely, Producer, Toronto, Canada 416 464 0445 www.woundedandabandoned.com, www.facebook.com/woundedandabandoned.

Ken Godevenos, Director, President, SCA International/Gracestream, distributor, 1-844-824-7223, Toronto, Canada, www.gracestream.ca.