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Dan Brown's Lost Symbol Masonic Oaths and Their Connection to Mormonism

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Throat cut from ear to ear... tongue torn out by its roots... bowels taken out and burned... scattered to the four winds of heaven..." (The Lost Symbol, page 5).

Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol, tells of secret oaths in Masonry. But did you know up until 1990 -- that's just 19 years ago -- all Mormon temple ceremonies included the pantomiming of cutting one's own throat and stomach open as a penalty for revealing oaths?

That's because LDS founder Joseph Smith was a Mason, and borrowed the symbols of Freemasonry for his secret temple ordinances that are practiced every day around the world.

Latayne C. Scott's controversial new novel, Latter-day Cipher (Moody, 2009), explores the secrets of Mormonism, including its heavy Masonic connections. Here's what reviewers say about this "top pick" from Christian Retailing magazine: "Elegant and chilling" (author Kathleen Popa); "what Anne Rice really should be writing, post-conversion" (bestselling author Mike Arnzen); "well-written and highly suspenseful, it opens a door onto a world few of us know" --(bestseller Evan Marshall.)

Scott's novel is loaded with factual details because of her background as a former faithful Mormon. Her own story is told in The Mormon Mirage: A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today (Zondervan, 2009.) This book, too, is hailed by reviewers as being one of the most completely-documented, authoritative, and compassionate books ever written on the Mormon faith and its history and practices.

Latayne C Scott is available for interviews on the subject of Mormonism and its connections to Masonry. Her press kit is www.latayne.com/press-kit.

"I have interviewed many of the most prominent, respected and recognizable leaders within Evangelical Christianity today, and Latayne C. Scott has become one of my very favorite guests. Her gift for crystal clear articulation and command of the English language, her vast knowledge of theology and her fascinating testimony of having once been a member of a major cult give Latayne the ability to keep listeners riveted to their radios while being interviewed. Her irenic, humble spirit and her very pleasant, endearing voice allow her to speak the truth unequivocally without unnecessarily intimidating or insulting those she is attempting to correct, counsel or rescue. I heartily, without hesitation, recommend her to other talk hosts." --Chris Arnzen, host, "Iron Sharpens Iron" WNYG, Long Island NY.