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Pres. Candidate Randall Terry Begins TV Ads in Iowa

60-Second Ad to Run in Des Moines and Sioux City; Text, Link to Ad, and Ad Placement Schedule Below.

Also: Mr. Terry to be Present in Des Moines June 10 and 11 at Homeschool Convention

Contact: Katherine Veritas, 904-687-9804, media@terryforpresident.com  

DES MOINES, Iowa, June 8, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Thursday, June 9, Democratic Presidential Candidate Randall Terry begins airing TV ads vigorously denouncing President Obama's record and agenda.

Mr. Terry states: "I use the words and imagery that most tea-party and pro-life activists use everyday. History will show that Mr. Obama is the worst President in U.S. history; he is at war with Life and Liberty, and is enslaving our children to unfathomable debt. This commercial makes that case with precision, and without apology."

And: "I am simply saying what John Boehner or Mitt Romney should say daily; apparently they do not posses the courage or clarity of thought."

Mr. Terry available for interview for local media at HyVee Hall, Exhibition Hall, 730 Third St Des Moines IA 50309

The current schedule for the ad times on Thursday, June 9:

ABC 5 (WOI TV) Des Moines:  10 PM news

NBC (WHO) Des Moines:  10 PM news

CBS (KCCI) Des Moines:  6 PM news

NBC (KTIV) Sioux City:  5 PM news

CBS (KMEG) Sioux City:  5 PM news

Fox (KPTH) Sioux City:  9 PM news

Link to Mr. Terry's 60-second commercial:  www.terryforpresident.com

Text of commercial:

    Barack Hussein Obama is the worst President in American History.

    He's at war with our founding principles of life and liberty.

    His bailout of Wall Street, and socialist agenda have enslaved our children to debt…to China.

    His addiction to Arab oil funds Islamic terrorists, while he leaves billions of barrels untouched in ANWR.

    He chose a government shutdown, paid our soldiers late, rather than defund Planned Parenthood.

    He cast aside the Defense of Marriage Act.

    And is guilty of the slaughter of unborn babies - defying the Commandments of God.

    Who will stop this madman? The establishment? John Boehner? Mitt Romney?

    I'm asking for your vote in the Iowa Caucus against Obama. I can defeat him here...if YOU put principle ahead of party; life and liberty, ahead of comfort...and slavery.

    I'm Randall Terry, and I approve this message.  

For more information, visit www.terryforpresident.com.  

Contact for television, radio and print interviews: National Media Office
Katherine Veritas; 904-687-9804
 Media Email: media@terryforpresident.com