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Larry Obhof Betrayed Babies -- OH Senate President Blocked Heartbeat Bill Vote

Video message from Faith2Action here

Contact: Janet Porter, 202-241-2ACT (2228)

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 7, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is a statement by Janet Porter, Author of the Heartbeat Bill:

    Obhof Must Choose Life.
    Let Larry Obhof know what you think: 614-466-7505.

    On November 15, 2018 the pro-life Heartbeat Bill passed the Ohio House with 60 bi-partisan veto-proof votes.

    But Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof blocked a committee and floor vote on Thursday, which would have given the Senate time for a vote to override a veto from Gov. John Kasich.
    Three years ago I ran against Senator Larry Obhof in the Republican Primary BECAUSE he refused to pass the pro-life Heartbeat Bill. The top image in this news release is a statement from my campaign literature. The bottom image is from Larry Obhof's many campaign mailers, as you can see, I was called a liar for making such a statement. 

    Larry Obhof claimed I was lying about his refusal to pass the Heartbeat Bill in TV and radio ads, and multiple campaign mailers.

    WHO WAS REALLY TELLING THE TRUTH?  Since the Senate President is the only one who controls which bills get a floor vote, there is only ONE person responsible for blocking the Heartbeat Bill vote: Senate President LARRY OBHOF. 
    This time Obhof can't hide behind expensive mailers and TV ads, the Ohio House or the Governor.  Obhof had an opportunity to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote this week and chose, instead, to let it die along with thousands of babies it would have protected. 
    WE'VE HAD 8 YEARS OF EXCUSES.  Obhof may claim he "didn't have veto-proof votes" because Rep. Brian Hill wasn't sworn into the Senate seat where he was appointed.  But guess who could have made that happen yesterday?  Senate President Larry Obhof.  One thing's for certain, if President Obhof would have brought the pro-life Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote yesterday, it would have passed in enough time to allow a vote to override the pending veto. Whether or not there were enough votes to override a veto will never truly be known until the votes are cast--something Obhof prevented from happening. 
    Let Senate President Larry Obhof know what you think of his decision to block the vote on the pro-life Heartbeat Bill and ask him to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote now--especially if you received one of his many campaign mailers claiming he was "the pro-life champion" in the last election.

Senate President Larry Obhof: 
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