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President Bush, Not a Leader

Contact: Don Swarthout, President, Christians Reviving America's Values (CRAVE), 859-219-1222, 859-619-2811

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 /Christian Newswire/ -- President Bush is not a leader, but rather has become so politically correct that you cannot believe him when he talks about Iraq or anything else.  What he says in public is not what he really believes.  Why doesn’t our President just take a firm stand? 

America has several problems but President Bush refuses to do anything about them.  We have a problem with Islamic groups which is a political group with an agenda, just like the Nazis were a political group with an agenda in World War II.


Yet we continue to talk to these people like they were simply wayward children in need of some maturity.  In reality these people are radicals who say they want to kill us.  Instead of doing anything about them we simply wait around while they become more organized, stronger and more prepared for an all out war against us.


Yesterday President Bush talked to the citizens of our country and said that it was his job to protect the American People from attacks against us.  If that is true and it is his job, why do we still let thousands of people come into our country unchecked every day?


“Why does our President absolutely refuse to close our borders?  There has to be a reason for his lack of action and I have begun to wonder what his reason is?” said Don Swarthout, President, Christians Reviving America’s Values (CRAVE).   “Have we become so concerned about the world and what it thinks that we have forgotten how to be Americans?  Truthfully, the world wants to take America down.”


“Children born in 2006 will witness in their lifetimes the death of the West,” said Pat Buchanan in his book, State of Emergency.  One in every twelve people breaking into America has a criminal record.  By 2050, there may be 100 million Hispanics concentrated in the U.S.  About 5,000 Illegal Aliens are apprehended breaking into our country EVERY day and how many are not caught?


However, the real question is how many Islamic radicals are sneaking into our country through our borders every day?  Let’s not forget that our borders are open to anyone who wants to break into America and not just to illegal aliens from Mexico.


“America has several problems, including the Islamic political agenda, open borders we have refused to close, the radical agenda of the ACLU and unchecked governmental spending,” according to Don Swarthout.  “We must get a handle on these things immediately or America as a nation will perish.”