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9/25/09 -- The Day of The Lord -- King Jesus, Not Allah, is Lord

Contact: Pat McEwen, Operation Save America, 321-431-3962

WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The "Our Time Has Come" Islamic Juma prayer vigil to be held at our nation's capital.  Thousands of Muslims from across the nation will be gathering at the Capitol Building for prayer from 4:00 AM Friday morning to 7:00 PM Friday night.  They will make this statement of faith that will echo off the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial:  "There is no God but Allah, and his prophet is Mohammad." This last statement demands a rebuke from the people of God.  We are headed to D.C. to do just that with our faces low to the ground and our hearts filled with the Gospel of Christ that made this nation free and made this nation great.
Abortion is Murder
Homosexuality is Sin
Islam is a Lie
"What do these three have in common?  They are, all three, physical manifestations of the battle between two seeds -- the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.  Genesis 3:15. Islam is a visible manifestation of this battle and has been at war with Christianity for fourteen centuries.  There is no dialogue, no common ground, no reaching across the aisle in this battle.  We are not called to build bridges to Islam.  We are called to storm the gates of hell -- to defeat the false god of Islam with the unsheathed Word of God and to set people free from the monstrous tyranny and bondage of this religion birthed in the deepest pits of hell." --  Rev. Flip Benham, Director, Operation Save America    
The muslims say their "day" is come but we know that it is the day of the Lord -- not Allah but the one true Lord and the only king -- King Jesus! It is the Gospel of Christ that made this nation freer than any nation that ever existed on this planet.  It is this Gospel that we will bring to the U.S. Capitol on 9/25/2009. 
Who: Operation Save America
What: Gospel Proclamation
When: Friday, 9/25/2009 8am-4pm
Where: Supreme Court

What: Press Conference
When Friday, 9/25/2009, 12 noon
Where: U.S. Capitol South (House) Side