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41st Memorial of Roe v. Wade, 57 Million Dead

Contact: Rev. Flip Benham, Operation Save America, 980-722-4920

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 22, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christians battling for the lives of preborn babies at the three abortion mills in the city of Charlotte, will gather at Liberty Square (the corner of Trade and Tryon) this Wednesday morning, January 22, 2014, at 11:30 AM, to memorialize the over 57 million children who have been killed by abortion in America since January 22, 1973.

Press Conference Details

    Where: Liberty Square on the corner of Trade and Tryon in Charlotte, NC
    When: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
    Time: 11:30 AM

In the time it takes for this press conference, one hour, over 200 babies will die by abortion in the U.S. -- baby boys who will never play baseball or go fishing with their dads and baby girls who will never laugh or dance. Yet the battle is being won for their lives as gentle Christians live out their faith in the streets of our city.

The abortion industry in the city of Charlotte is crumbling under the weight of its own sin. And we simple little Christians are going to be there to push it over the cliff. We are going to continue storming the gates of hell in Jesus' Name until it's over -- until God allows us to push this horrible industry into its grave. We will not leave a marker over it to remind us of the horror it has wrought to our city.
  • This past year, 356 babies (there actually were many more than this) were saved from abortion.
  • Two of the most notorious abortionists in the city of Charlotte have quit.
  • The NC Department of Health is now inspecting (sometimes closing) these filthy mills.
  • We have added another sonogram RV, staffed with nurses, to be at the abortion mills daily.
  • The number of days the three abortion mills are operating has been cut in half.
  • The number of abortions is down.
  • The number of abortionists is down.
  • The number of abortion mills -- soon to be down.
  • All of this to the praise and glory of Almighty God!

"Abortion will come to an end in the city of Charlotte when the church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end, and not one second sooner!" -- Rev. Flip Benham