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Tearing Down Barriers: 'I, Eternal' Author Asserts that Relating Honestly Eases Fear, Moves Us Toward God

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., March 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a world where 19-year-olds spray bullets from assault rifles on mall shoppers, no one is immune from the threat of an attack on his or her life.

Darnell Sherman knows firsthand what it feels like to live in fear. When he was 14, a family member physically abused him and Sherman considered ending his own life rather than subjecting himself to continuous abuse. But instead of committing suicide, Sherman surrendered his life to God. Now a Fullerton, California, counselor who specializes in protecting children from abuse and neglect, Sherman believes that Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to humanity's problems.

In his new book, "I, Eternal: Poetry and Essay from the Struggle of Existence" (Pleasant Word, 2008), Sherman acquaints readers with that "ultimate answer" as he reflects on the struggles, fears, and temptations of being human.

"Christ stated that the truth shall set us free, and I believe it does," Sherman says. "Humans have to get past their limited perception and depend on God to open their eyes to the truth that Jesus is Lord."

Sherman points readers toward Jesus and the Word of God through the use of devotional verse. "The book touches on many aspects of life, from a whimsical cat doing somersaults to the thoughts of a person who grapples with the concept of free will and its implications on eternal damnation versus eternal salvation," says Sherman.

He believes that during our lifetime, we have a unique opportunity "to tear down the barriers which divide, and to relate in an honest manner with each other."

Sherman asserts that we can overcome our fear of the unknown by collectively sharing "our struggle to know God, to know ourselves, to know each other, and to create significant meaning out of our lives."

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