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Letter to Department of Defense to Allow the Space Force Hymn (Creator of the Universe) to be Sung at Chapel Services

Rev. David A. Newberry
March 11, 2020

WASHINGTON, March 11, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Rev. David A. Newberry:

    On March 9, 2020, the Freedom From Religious Foundation (FFRF), I believe, petitioned you to ban the Space Force Hymn (Creator of the Universe) from being the official Space Force hymn. I am writing to rebut FFRF's letter on several points.

    The Foundation I believe erroneously states 1.) That the text of the Space Force Hymn has nothing to do with the military or space; 2.) That the text was thoroughly religious; 3.) that the Space Force Hymn would be appropriate for a Christian church, way out of line for a US military song; and 4.) That it would be unconstitutional for the Space Force to select a sectarian religious hymn as an official song.
    In rebuttal to point #1.) The text of the Space Force Hymn references military personnel and space directly and intentionally. In rebuttal to points 2-4.) The Space Force Hymn is religious in so far as it mentions "Creator," "God," and "Eternal Father." The hymn goes no further than that, thus making it fitting for all world religions, namely Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. There is nothing sectarian about the Space Force Hymn whatsoever. I have attached all the lyrics. Furthermore, The Space Force Hymn is a prayer, a sacred piece, as are most other military hymns.
    I note that FFRF cited only verses two and three, not verses one and four; thereby determining for you what evidence you will see and concealing the rest.
    As far as the Constitution goes, I see no point in insulting your intelligence by attempting to teach you, as I believe FFRF has done, for you are an expert on the Constitution as it applies to military personnel. Nor do I see a reason to debate arguments which the liberal left has already repeatedly lost. I will leave that up to the Constitutional attorneys. However, as you well know, the Constitution does not guarantee freedom from religion; but it does indeed guarantee freedom of religion.

    My intent is simply to point out that it is my belief that FFRF has maligned the text of the Space Force Hymn and concealed evidence in order to ban freedom of religion in the Space Force. Please allow the Space Force Hymn (Creator of the Universe), which is a sacred piece, to be sung in all Space Force chapel services. The Space Force Song, which is another secular patriotic work, can be sung outside of chapel services.

    Very respectfully,

    Rev. David A. Newberry
    Author, The History of the United States Space Force and The Space Force Hymn

The Space Force Hymn
(Creator of the Universe)

Creator of the universe,
Watch o'er the men who fly;
Through the great spaces of the sky,
And realms beyond the earth.

O God who rules the heart and mind
And takes away all fear;
O God who saves with tender might,
And calms the wind, draw near.

Thy presence, felt with boundless love,
Wherever they may go;
Thy Spirit, gentle as a dove,
Be Thou the God they know.

Eternal Father, strong to save,
In prayer before Thy Light;
In solitude of sovereign grace,
Grant courage for the flight. Amen.

—James F. Linzey
Former Air Force Captain

SOURCE Rev. David A. Newberry

CONTACT: 817-944-4081, david-newberry@sbcglobal.net

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