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Are Christian Apologists Getting the Gospel Wrong? -- OneStory: Gospel, Purpose, Reality Conference Provides Unique Insights to This Question
Professor of Biblical Studies and Dean of the Wheaton Graduate School Dr. Nick Perrin addresses: The Power of a Whole Story, or Why Are So Many Are Telling Only Half the Truth about the Kingdom on October 21-22 at Grace Church of DuPage

Contact: Paul Rupple, 630-441-0626

WARRENVILLE, Ill., Oct. 11, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Solid Reasons, an evangelism and apologetics training and mentoring ministry - will examine whether Christian Apologists are leaving out half the story when proclaiming the gospel - at their OneStory: Gospel, Purpose, Reality Conference, October 21-22 at Grace Church of DuPage in Warrenville, IL. We will examine whether Christian Apologists are too focused on philosophical, historical, and scientific arguments and not focused enough on presenting the gospel. The conference will also include messages that address other difficult questions and issues related to Christianity and the gospel such as the problem of evil, justice, and reaching the African American community.

"As apologists, we often get caught up in arguments related to science and philosophy, which can be valuable in overcoming objections to the Christian faith, and yet lose sight of the fact that we're called to proclaim the gospel" said Philip Alexander, president of Solid Reasons. "Jesus came proclaiming a kingdom that would restore what we lost at the fall in Eden, yet as apologists, we can all too often get off on rabbit-trail discussions and lose sight of our commission to make disciples for Jesus' kingdom."

Paul Rupple, director of discipleship for Solid Reasons, described the conference as "a unique blend of theology and apologetics, providing answers for those looking for meaning and purpose for this life." Friday evening will be offered at no charge to the public and discounted tickets are still available for the Saturday sessions. For media requests, interviews with our speakers, or to receive promotional tickets, contact Paul Rupple.

About Solid Reasons, Inc. Solid Reasons is a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit ministry founded in 2010, is dedicated to evangelizing and educating skeptics, and equipping and discipling believers in the Christian faith. Solid Reasons' mission is to present a convincing and coherent case for the gospel and Christian worldview both to skeptics and believers alike in order to call the skeptic to follow Jesus and to help the believer to walk faithfully and confidently as they live and proclaim the gospel. Visit SolidReasons.com.