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Baltimore County Proposes 'Peeping Tom' Law

Contact: Ruth Jacobs, www.NotMyShower.com, 301-641-6420


BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md., Jan. 16, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Maryland's Baltimore County Councilmembers will introduce a bill tomorrow which creates serious safety issues for women," said Dr. Ruth Jacobs, President of Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government. "The bill allows cross-dressing men into women's bathrooms even if they are sexually attracted to women. Promoted as a 'gender identity anti-discrimination bill,' Human Relations Bill No. 3-12 forces the public to recognize men as women, thereby allowing men access to women's bathrooms. Sponsored by Councilmember Tom Quirk, the new law, if passed, will legally protect cross-dressing behavior."


"The bill is a direct attack on women's privacy," said Dr. Jacobs. "Under Portland's new 'gender identity' law, a cross-dressing sex offender gained access to the female locker rooms and was found changing his clothing with little girls present. And public outrage about a high school girls' locker room invasion by 48-year-old Robert Domasky was reported as 'Locker Room Transvestite Has Cheerleader Fantasy.'"


"Women are easily victimized and ladies' bathrooms can be risky places when men have access. Since the passing of a similar law in Montgomery County, Maryland, rapes have occurred in the women's bathrooms of Montgomery Community College, Asbury nursing home, Pelican restaurant, and Bethesda Hyatt."


"The bill also encourages gender confusion," said Dr. Jacobs. "Individuals with gender identity disorder can be so focused on their appearance that they are unable to work or maintain relationships. Pfc. Bradley ("Breanna") Manning, the soldier charged with leaking classified documents to Wikileaks, informed his superiors that his gender identity disorder affected his ability to do his job, interact with others, and think.


"Individuals with mental illnesses are more likely to be both victims of crime and to victimize. Treatment of mental illness, and not collaboration with mental illness, is recommended to decrease both."


"Christopher ("Chrissy") Lee Polis, a cross-dressing male, was assaulted apparently without public knowledge of his gender identity. His court records include disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property, and prostitution charges. Transgender activist Dana (Wayne) Beyer harassed citizens collecting signatures to place Montgomery County's unpopular gender identity law on referendum. That case is now before the Maryland Board of Ethics.


"In these difficult economic times, Councilmembers are not only endangering women and children, but prohibiting employers from using common sense in their hiring/firing practices by subjecting businesses, public accommodations, and churches to this far reaching gender expression law."