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New Format and Studio for Award-Winning TV Program

Contact: Jen Thompson, 562-207-9300, jthompson@livingwaters.com
LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A unique television program that has impacted millions around the world is set to premiere a new season, with a fresh look and a new format to broaden its appeal.
The award-winning "Way of the Master" TV show, which premiered in 2003 with cohosts Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, has been inspiring and equipping Christians in over 190 countries for fifteen years.
Though the show's previous seasons have continued to air, Living Waters, the ministry that produces the program, will be bringing it back to life with fresh content in 2018 with the airing of Season 5.

Comfort explains why they're so excited about the new episodes. "In a day of divisive social issues, heated politics, and discouraging news programs, 'Way of the Master' offers viewers an engaging option—truly 'good news,' as they will hear the biblical gospel proclaimed in compelling on-the-street witnessing." Comfort and his team don't shy away from tackling difficult subjects, as they answer common questions and objections of the Christian faith and address challenging arguments—all designed to be both informative and entertaining.

In a significant change this year, "Way of the Master" will be moving from a seasonal, 13-episode format to a year-round weekly broadcast to expand its reach. Viewers will be able to watch brand-new episodes on a weekly basis all throughout the year.

"It's important that we expand our reach," Comfort notes, "because the purpose of the program is to equip believers and reach the lost with the gospel. We've been commanded to go into all the world and share the good news." Comfort adds, "It's so encouraging when we hear from those who are atheists, lukewarm churchgoers, or in other religions, who tell us how God used the show to bring them to a saving faith."

To assist with production of upcoming episodes, filmed in a new, state-of-the-art studio, Living Waters has established a fundraising campaign. Anyone interested in helping to get fresh "Way of the Master" episodes with timely topics reaching the homes and hearts of millions is invited to visit LivingWaters.com/SupportWOTM.

Note to Editors: To arrange an interview with Ray Comfort, please contact Jen Thompson at jthompson@livingwaters.com or (562) 207-9300.