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Wesleyan Holiness Consortium Name Change and Logo Refresh
Contact: JoAnna Dias, Operations Manager, Wesleyan Holiness Connection, 831-359-7440, JoAnnaDias@holinessandunity.org
GLENDORA, Calif., Sept. 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- With great excitement, the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium announces that it has changed its name to the Wesleyan Holiness Connection. While visiting some of the WHC networks in Brazil, founder and chair Dr. Kevin Mannoia began hearing the use of the word "connection" among the leaders. It was intended to communicate the strong relational nature of the gatherings and avoid the more business-oriented term "consortium."
Realizing that this word would also allow for both languages to share the same word, and also that this was a deeply meaningful term in our own theological heritage, he was happy to bring the idea to the WHC Board and Steering Committee. Both groups strongly supported the change of name to be "Wesleyan Holiness Connection."
The new name and refreshed logo marks approximately ten years of ministry expansion of the WHC. Regarding the name change and logo refresh, Mannoia says, "I am happy to share this new logo, new name, and fresh resolve to follow the nudge of the Holy Spirit in bringing unity through the transformational message of holiness that brings clarity and power to our mission in the 21st Century."
Hear about the name change directly from Kevin here.
About the Wesleyan Holiness Connection
The Wesleyan Holiness Connection is a network of leaders and churches centered not on an organizational alliance but upon our common message and interest in holiness which flows from our common heritage.  It seeks to be:

·         a visible presence which serves as a reference point keeping the holiness message alive and thriving in the minds and ministries of our pastors and leaders;

·         a source of resources and connections that will empower pastors, scholars, and leaders to find deeper understanding of our heritage and commitment to relevant holiness in the 21st Century;

·         a voice to the Church that allows the holiness tradition and message to be heard and to influence the diverse mix of theological streams on the landscape of Christianity.

For additional information, visit www.holinessandunity.org.