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Getting Unknown Christian Screenwriters' Work in Front of Known Christian Producers

Contact: Maude von Ehrenkrook, Ehrenkrook Entertainment, 540-948-4456, maude@ehrenkrookentertainment.com

VIRGINIA, March 31, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Everyone has a movie idea. Many people will tell you about it. Some people even go on to convert that idea into a screenplay but how do they get their screenplay produced? Therein lies the rub.

Ehrenkrook Entertainment announces the launch of Five Talents Screenplay Contest. It is a Christian screenplay competition for any genre of feature film except horror.

Ehrenkrook Entertainment, along with many other Christian production companies, does not accept unsolicited screenplays but nevertheless receives countless queries every year. When responding to these hopeful screenwriters it was apparent that some help was needed to get their screenplays in front of production companies.

"The Christian film industry is too small to justify script agents, yet production companies do not have the time or manpower to sift through hundreds of screenplays to find a script that meets their development strategy. Five Talents Screenplay Contest hopes to bridge that gap," Maude von Ehrenkrook, President of Ehrenkrook Entertainment, explains. "There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of finished Christian screenplays out there. We want to find those scripts and get them into the hands of production companies."

The contest seeks both screenplay entrants and film producers with screenplay interest. "The winning screenplays will be read by certain production companies but we want to go beyond that," von Ehrenkrook explains. "We want active film producers to also contact us with the sort of scripts they are looking for. Then, even if a script doesn't win we will put producers in touch with screenwriters who have a screenplay they might want to take a look at. We are essentially playing the part of a script agent without the cost associated with that. It is a win-win for screenwriters and filmmakers."

Five Talents Screenplay Contest's early deadline is April 30, the regular deadline is May 31, and the late deadline is June 30, 2011. First Place will receive $500, second place will receive $250, and third place will receive $100. All three winning scripts will be read by several production companies, including Cloud Ten Pictures, for possible production consideration.

To find out more about Five Talents Screenplay Contest visit www.ehrenkrookentertainment.com/screenplay.htm or call Maude von Ehrenkrook at 540-948-4456 or e-mail Maude at maude@ehrenkrookentertainment.com.