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'The Cure' Zooms to Number 1 on Bestseller List

Dr. Timothy Brantley's Research Proves Foods from Creation Can Reverse Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity and More

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LOS ANGELES, October 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following Dr. Timothy Brantley's powerful appearances on The Rachel Ray Show and The Montel Williams Show, THE CURE: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life (Wiley, February 2007, ISBN: 978-0-471-76825-8, $24.95/Cloth), soared to #1 Bestselling book in Amazon's Health, Mind & Body category and #8 on Amazon's Bestsellers in ALL books.

Montel introduced Rick Redick, who described to a riveted studio audience how, after being diagnosed with cancer, he cancelled an operation to remove his thyroid at the 11th hour. After being inspired by Dr. Brantley, he opted for a "healing regime" of natural food, healthy waters and powerful herbal formulas that were designed and formulated by Dr. Brantley. Within 3 months his malignant thyroid tumor was shrinking dramatically and within 9 months there was nothing left of the cancer but scar tissue.

In THE CURE, Dr. Brantley tells the moving story of his own health quest that began in his teens, watching the agonizing death of his mother from breast cancer and his father's pre-mature death from heart disease, which propelled him on a difficult quest to find the truth about illness and health. He states, "As challenged as I was, I stayed on the path, knowing that God was beside me, guiding me through the bumps in the road and finally leading me to the answers."

Dr. Brantley's work has proven that the leading causes of death – cancer, heart disease and obesity - are not caused by genetics or germs, but by dehydration, junk food and a lifetime of eating processed foods. Drawing on his groundbreaking research in nutritional healing, Dr. Brantley developed a program to flush toxins from the body, restore balance, promote natural recovery processes, and achieve vitality. His program helped many patients suffering from serious and "incurable" disease achieve renewed health. His testimonials include well-known celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone, Kelsey Grammer and 'The O.C.'s Kelly Rowan.

"My life has been one big treasure hunt where one clue lead to another, to another, and then another, with God beckoning just ahead of me, waiting for me to catch up.," Dr. Brantley explains in THE CURE.

"Over years of research with people suffering from the most critical illnesses, I discovered how to help trigger the body's natural mechanism to heal itself," said Dr. Brantley. "This is not a hit and miss system. It supports the way our body works. If you understand this truth and follow God's principles, you can heal yourself naturally from disease and enjoy phenomenal, beautiful health."

A remarkable proven breakthrough, THE CURE outlines a personal plan to help readers regain their health and save their lives. Dr. Brantley provides additional information on his website, www.BrantleyCure.com.

About the Author

Dr. Timothy Brantley has been an independent researcher for more than twenty years. He is a frequent guest on The Rachael Ray Show, The Montel Williams Show and Dr. Pat's radio program, teaching the power of food from Creation.


"I highly recommend THE CURE. A man of passion and integrity, Dr. Brantley has a mission to bring health and long life to those who have given up. In these pages you will find excitement, faith, and hope."    -- Dennis Tinnerino, Mr. America, four-time Mr. Universe, lecturer, author, and evangelist