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Political Scientist: $16 Trillion in Federal Revenue Lost Due to Abortion
Contact: Mark Olson, 816-226-8737, press@newclapham.com

KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 31, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mark Olson, a former liberal activist, has published research demonstrating the devastating economic impact abortion-on-demand has had on the American economy. Olson's research finds that over $16 trillion in federal revenue, roughly the size of our national debt, has been lost due to abortion.

"The figure of 55 million persons aborted, typically reported by pro-life groups, is a significant undercount," says Olson, "abortions did not magically begin occurring in 1973, yet that is when everyone starts counting." Using widely accepted pre-Roe estimates, Olson's research additionally accounts for the compounding nature of population by including the generations of offspring that would have been born to those persons otherwise aborted. The result: the United States has suffered a population loss of over 125 million persons due to abortion. When the per capita individual federal tax burden for each respective year is applied to the population loss model, the result is a statistically significant correlation between our current national debt and federal revenue loss due to abortion.

Basic macroeconomics says that any such loss in population will result in a collapse of the necessary aggregate supply and demand to sustain long term national economic growth. The population loss due to abortion would have the same negative economic impact as any population loss due to war, epidemic, or natural disaster.

Olson adds, "we can argue over a balanced budget amendment or tax and spend policies, but the reality is that we have lost over 125 million persons -- no liberal or conservative economic policy can make up for that loss. We need to stop destroying our most precious economic resource, our people."

Olson additionally introduces "The Reagan Plan," an informed method for legally ending abortion in America. In 1980, Ronald Reagan laid out an achievable plan to accomplish the legal abolition of abortion; unfortunately, the pro-life movement has yet to follow this plan.

Mark Olson is a pro-life political consultant that holds both BSc and MA degrees in Political Science.

More information about the economic cost of abortion is available at: www.AbortedEconomy.com.

More information regarding the Reagan Plan can be found at: www.ReaganPlan.com.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Mark Olson, please call 816/226-8737 or e-mail: press@newclapham.com.