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Facebook Sharing User's Personal Information Leads to Crowdfunding Project to 'Protect People's Personal Data' and 'Save the Internet'
Contact: Steven Andrew, USA.Life, 877-585-7729
SAN JOSE, Calif., June 5, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Facebook faces another setback after the New York Times reported Facebook gave at least 60 companies - from Apple to Amazon - access to personal data on users and friends. Yet, this presents a perfect opportunity for the ambitious Silicon Valley start up, USA.Life, to capture Facebook's market. Having a stated goal to "protect people's personal data and privacy," USA.Life hopes to release this summer. The project is being crowdfunded and needs to raise a remaining $635,000 to launch.

"Everyone's personal data must be protected, valued and never shared or sold as Facebook has been reported to do," said Steven Andrew. He is the Silicon Valley technology leader who founded USA.Life social network.

"USA.Life solves the Facebook and Twitter censorship and bias issues by having a Pro-America Algorithm (TM) that unites the nation," said Andrew. This new network "aligns with the Founding Father's values of God-given rights of life, liberty and happiness."

"Users get privacy and freedom with USA.Life," Andrew said.

He said, "people are signing up fast for their free account" at www.USA.Life to get preferred usernames before they are gone and to get updates.

"As soon as people hear about USA.Life, many are happy to chip in $10 or $100 to save the Internet and to get a special thank you reward," he said.

The rewards range from a "keepsake American Hero Postcard" for $10 to having one's name credited in the computer code for $25, and from getting a lifetime "pro-account" for $100 to having their name or business listed on the founders wall for $1,000 or more.

"USA.Life does not believe in sharing user's personal information with other companies. It is against our American values to spy on people or give away someone's data," he said. "Our values to respect others and having openness are a huge difference between USA.Life and Facebook."

In this project, Andrew is also building the 1776Free search engine that protects your data, promotes American values and gives "better results than Google."

"Privacy and freedom could be lost forever without USA.Life and 1776Free. However, we can save the Internet if 63,500 people give $10, or if 6,350 supporters give $100, or if 635 generous donors give $1,000. If people want protection and safety, it is at USA.Life and 1776Free," Andrew said.

More information, an FAQ and where the funds go are available at www.USA.Life.