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Catholic Group Blasts Pelosi for Invoking St. Joseph on Pro-Abortion Bill

"I've seen much hypocrisy from Catholic elected officials during this process, but Nancy Pelosi's invoking of St. Joseph, the patron of families, to assist in the passage of the health care bill is utter sacrilege," said Dr. Kevin Roberts, executive director of Catholic Families for America.

Contact: Dr. Kevin Roberts, Catholic Families for America, 512-686-3125

WASHINGTON, March 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Responding to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's comment that St. Joseph would aid in the passage of the health care bill, today the head of Catholic Families for America, one of the largest groups of lay Catholics in the country, condemned Pelosi's comments as "sacrilege."

"Does the speaker not know that St. Joseph is the patron of families? How far does her apostasy go?" questioned Dr. Kevin Roberts, executive director of the group.

Roberts mentioned that so many Catholic groups had been praying a Novena to St. Joseph, which is a nine-day prayer for his intercession on behalf of families, healthy marriages, and children. "How sick does Pelosi have to be to associate St. Joseph with such a pro-abortion, anti-family bill?" Roberts asked.

Catholic Families for America has seen its membership "explode" in recent months because of the moral hypocrisy of Catholic elected officials like Pelosi, Roberts said. "Though we hate for the country to even come close to passing this bill," Roberts continued, "the one silver lining is its galvanizing of Catholics on the issue of representing Church teaching in an authentic way."

The group plans to endorse as many as 40 candidates for U.S. House and U.S. Senate elections this fall.