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Tyra Banks says "So What!' We say 'Skinny Models Off the Runway Pleaseeeee!'

SkinnyModelsOffTheRunway.com, says the numbers don't match up since the average American woman wears a size 12 and the average Runway Model is a size zero.


Contact: George Namho, Founder, www.skinnymodelsofftherunway.com, 404-454-1818


MARIETTA, Georgia, May 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- George Namho is fighting the skinny fashion industry one T-shirt at a time. Each one reads "Skinny Models Off The Runway Please!"


SkinnyModelsOffTheRunway.com and the matching T-shirts started in Marietta, Georgia. Now, thousands of women across the country are clinging to the slogan.


"You have to be comfortable in the skin you're in," Namho said. "Not let the world or the fashion industry turn you into something that you are not" A recent poll of 10,000 women in 13 American cities showed their average size is a 14. The average runway model was an 8 and now a zero.


"Whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, you need to be a healthy you," Namho said. Critics say those thin runway and magazine models warp women's self-image. The future of skinny models could be determined in classrooms like one at American Intercontinental University in Buckhead.


"There is the perception that with skinny models, everything looks good on them," fashion student Whitney Anderson said. But the question in these classrooms and throughout the fashion industry is not about a healthy body image (which the majority of people clearly support), it is about what sells. Some say, that is changing.


"I think they're targeting more plus size models," senior Jamil Pratt said. "They are still using thin models, because they think thin sells, but as we go forward more people are realizing that average-size models can do what skinny models do."


"It just takes one big fashion designer, saying, I want to show a different view, and others will fall in line," Anderson added.


As fashion students consider changing sizes, George Namho works to change attitudes: one bold T-shirt at a time.


Our Mission at SkinnyModelsOffTheRunway.com SMOTR is to Empower, Encourage & Motivate Real Women Worldwide, of All Shapes, Sizes and Nationalities to Champion Together for Change in the Fashion Industry & in Life.


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