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Excerpts of Thompson's Video Address to the People of Iowa

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MC LEAN, Va., Dec. 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Thompson campaign today released the following excerpts of Fred Thompson's 17-minute video address to the people of Iowa:


Hello, I'm Fred Thompson.


In the closing days of this historic contest here in Iowa, I wanted to take a few moments to talk quietly with you about the stakes in this election and the critical issues you will soon decide.


Because there is no frontrunner here in Iowa and because yours will be the first votes cast in this crucial election year, your decision will be one the entire country closely watches and learns from.


When you go to your local caucus on January 3rd and fill out your paper ballot - and, by the way, it's just that easy - how you vote will go a long way towards deciding who will lead us as president through dangerous years ahead.


That the years ahead will be dangerous needs no elaboration from me. Most Americans know the forces of terrorism will not rest until a mushroom cloud hangs over one of our cities. The recent tragic assassination of former Prime Minister Bhutto in Pakistan again demonstrates the terrorists' will to power and their relentless cruelty.


Along with threats to our national security, we have great domestic challenges before us - the economy, taxes, protecting our borders, and protecting the right to life. 


So, I want to talk to you now about the threats and dangers that we face as a people -- but also about the hope and opportunity I see out there.




Now there are many good men running for our party's nomination.  Each of them loves our country.   Each of them has something interesting and useful to offer.   But the fact of the matter is that the Republican Party is a conservative party.   That's the philosophy that's shaped us.  That's the philosophy that has won us elections.  And that's the philosophy we must champion if we are to win again in 2008.     


And on that score, among each of the men seeking our party's nomination, my record stands out.  I entered public life as a conservative.    I served in the Senate as a strong, consistent conservative with a 100% pro life voting record.  And I have the same philosophy today that I had back then.  What you see is what you get.  I dance to no man's tune.  And no one has ever accused me of changing my position on anything for the sake of political expediency.  That's why when someone here in Iowa said conservatives were looking for a horse to ride in 2008, I responded, "Saddle me up."   And in the battle of ideas, we can't afford a Republican leader who doesn't have a core philosophy that grounds him.   I know who I am.  I know what I believe.  And I am ready to lead.




And I would ask people to think one thing before they caucus: When our worst enemy is sitting across from us at the negotiating table, and they're thinking about what they can do to harm the United States of America, and what they might could get away with, who do you want sitting on our side of the table representing you, working to keep you safe? That's probably the person you ought to elect as President.  


I've been tested. And I believe our country's best days are ahead of us if we take on the responsibility of leadership.  The American people are waiting for us to step up, protect our values, our principles and our country.  Together we can do something great for America.    I welcome that challenge. 




You know, when I'm asked which of the current group of Democratic candidates I prefer to run against, I always say it really doesn't matter. Because these days all those candidates, all the Democratic leaders, are one and the same.   They're all NEA, Move On.org , ACLU, Michael Moore Democrats.   They've allowed these radicals to take control of their party and dictate their course.  


So this election is important not just to enact our conservative principles.   This election is important to salvage the once-great political party from the grip of extremism and shake it back to its senses.  It's time to give not just Republicans but independents and, yes, good Democrats a chance to call a halt to the leftward lurch of the once proud party of working people.


Read entire transcript here:  www.fred08.com/NewsRoom/Speech.aspx?ID=18aa07a9-dad3-46cd-8634-bdd950fb4c26


View 17-minute video here: fredfile.fred08.com/blog/2007/video-freds-message-to-iowa-voters/